Title 3


3.04    Investment of County Funds

3.08    Purchasing Procedures

3.12    Real Estate Sales Excise Tax

3.14    Tax on the Furnishing of Lodging

3.15    Distressed County Sales and Use Tax

3.16    Sales and Use Tax

3.17    Criminal Justice Sales or Use Tax

3.18    Payment for Disposal of Indigent Remains

3.24    Enhanced 911 Emergency Telephone System Excise Tax

3.26    Interconnected Voice Over Internet Protocol Service Excise Tax

3.28    Enhanced 911 Emergency System Radio Access Lines Excise Tax

3.32    Agreement for Sharing Tax Information

3.36    Current Expense Building Reserve Fund

3.40    Fee Schedules

3.44    Emergency Communications Systems and Facilities Sales and Use Tax

3.48    Sales and Use Tax for Affordable and Supportive Housing