Chapter 13.04


13.04.010    Applicability.

13.04.020    Definitions.

13.04.030    Mandatory connection.

13.04.040    Connection required.

13.04.050    Permits and fees.

13.04.060    Wastes.

13.04.070    Sewage disposal systems.

13.04.080    Privies.

13.04.090    County health officer.

13.04.100    Violation—Penalty.

13.04.010 Applicability.

These rules and regulations shall apply to all territory embraced within the corporate limits of the county and area of police jurisdiction thereof, with the following exceptions:

A.    In all instances where another agency requires the inspection of an individual sewage disposal system located within all incorporated towns in the county by the county health officer, the fee for such inspections shall be the same as described in Section 13.08.050, and these rules and regulation shall be used as minimum requirements in such inspections. (Res. dated 8/21/63; Res. dated 2/20/57 § 2)

13.04.020 Definitions.

The following definitions shall apply to the interpretation and enforcement of these rules and regulations:

“Cesspool” applies to a hole or structure into which sewage is emptied and allowed to seep into the ground.

“Health officer” means the county health officer as defined in Section 70.06.020 RCW, or his authorized representative.

“Permit” means a certificate signed by the health officer or his authorized representative permitting the installations of an individual sewage disposal system.

“Person” means a person, firm, corporation, partnership or association.

“Premises” applies to any permanent place of residence, business or place where people frequently assemble.

“Privy” applies to a hole dug in the ground over which a toilet seat is placed with a fly-tight enclosure.

“Septic tank” applies to a watertight sedimentation tank into which untreated sewage is introduced for primary anaerobic bacterial decomposition. (Res. dated 2/20/57 § 1)

13.04.030 Mandatory connection.

Every residence, place of business, or other building where people congregate or are employed, which abuts a street or alley in which there is a public sanitary sewer, or which is within one hundred fifty feet of a public sanitary sewer, shall be connected to the sewer by the owner or agent of the premises, in the most direct manner possible, and with a separate connection for each house or building. (Res. dated 2/20/57 § 3)

13.04.040 Connection required.

Every residence, place of business, or other building where persons reside, congregate, or are employed, and which does not abut a street or alley in which there is a public sanitary sewer, and which is not within one hundred fifty feet of a public sanitary sewer shall be connected to a septic tank disposal system or other approved type of individual sewage disposal system. Privies may be used for a period of ninety days or less during construction of such residence, place of business, or building. Extensions of this ninety-day period may be granted by the health office in unusual cases. Such extensions must be in writing. (Res. dated 2/20/57 § 4)

13.04.050 Permits and fees.

On and after the effective date of these rules and regulations, it is unlawful to construct any means of sewage or excreta disposal, such as septic tank or privy, without first having paid the prescribed fee or fees to the county treasurer and obtained a permit from the county health officer. A letter of application for a permit shall be submitted with which contains a legal description of the property and which states the number and kind of sewage disposal units to be installed. The letter shall also contain fees as follows:

A.    For each septic tank or cesspool, five dollars; and

B.    For each privy (for ninety days and any extensions granted), one dollar. (Res. dated 2/20/57 § 5)

13.04.060 Wastes.

Sewage and other liquid wastes shall not be permitted to drain onto the surface of the ground or into any natural or artificial body of water, or into a cesspool, but shall be disposed of by a septic tank disposal system, or other means approved by the county health officer. (Res. dated 2/20/57 § 6)

13.04.070 Sewage disposal systems.

A.    No sewage disposal system, cesspool or privy shall be installed within fifty feet of any lake, stream, irrigation lateral or drainage ditch.

B.    No individual sewage disposal system shall be installed within one hundred feet of any domestic or irrigation well.

C.    No part of an individual sewage disposal system shall be within ten feet of any residence or place of human habitation unless written approval is given by the county health officer. No privy shall be within twenty-five feet of said building.

D.    No part of a sewage disposal system shall be within ten feet of any water line. (Res. dated 2/20/57 § 7)

13.04.080 Privies.

All privies shall be constructed so as to be fly and rodent proof. (Res. dated 2/20/57 § 8)

13.04.090 County health officer.

The county health officer shall have the authority to inspect all individual sewage disposal systems and when a system is found to be in violation of these regulations, or constitutes a health menace due to improper construction, he shall have authority to require the necessary alteration or relocation to reasonably assure proper operation. Septic tanks and drain fields shall be left uncovered until inspection and approval is given by the county health officer. (Res. dated 2/20/57 § 9)

13.04.100 Violation—Penalty.

Any person found guilty of violating any provisions of these rules and regulations shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be subject to a fine of not less than twenty-five dollars nor more than one hundred dollars, or to imprisonment in the county jail not to exceed ninety days, or both fine and imprisonment. (Res. dated 2/20/57 § 10)