Chapter 10.20


10.20.010    Establishment.

10.20.020    Purpose.

10.20.030    Deposit of funds and fees.

10.20.040    Use of fees.

10.20.050    Curriculum.

10.20.060    Authority of the Municipal Court.

10.20.010 Establishment.

The City Council hereby establishes the City of Airway Heights traffic safety school. The Airway Heights Municipal Court may, in its sole discretion, order attendance at such school under the provisions of RCW 46.83.050. (Ord. C-965 § 1, 2021)

10.20.020 Purpose.

The Airway Heights City Council finds that the purpose of the traffic safety school is to instruct, educate, and inform persons of the proper, lawful and safe operation of motor vehicles on the city streets, roads, and highways according to the state of Washington rules of the road, Chapter 46.61 RCW, City of Airway Heights traffic ordinances, and such other practices or authority that will improve and promote the public health, safety and welfare. (Ord. C-965 § 2, 2021)

10.20.030 Deposit of funds and fees.

All funds appropriated by the City for the operation of the traffic safety school and fees assessed shall be deposited with the City Treasurer in either a separately identified account or fund. The fee for attending the traffic safety school may not be in excess of the penalty for an unscheduled traffic infraction established by the Supreme Court pursuant to RCW 46.63.110. (Ord. C-965 § 3, 2021)

10.20.040 Use of fees.

Fees collected under this chapter that are in excess of the cost of the traffic safety school may be expended on the following activities:

A. Safe driver education materials and programs;

B. Safe driver education promotions and advertising; or

C. Costs associated with the training of law enforcement officers. (Ord. C-965 § 4, 2021)

10.20.050 Curriculum.

The Airway Heights Police Department may assist in developing the curriculum for the operation of a traffic safety school to include instruction on the rules of the road (Chapter 46.61 RCW). Traffic safety school shall be taught by qualified individuals either employed by or retained by the City who have knowledge and specialized training on the curriculum. The traffic safety school shall include as part of its curriculum instruction on the safe operation of a motor vehicle among pedestrians and bicyclists that has been approved by the Department of Licensing for driver training schools. (Ord. C-965 § 5, 2021)

10.20.060 Authority of the Municipal Court.

As part of any sentence imposed following a conviction of a traffic law violation, or as a condition of the suspension of a sentence or deferral of any sentence, the Municipal Court may order a person so convicted to attend the traffic safety school. Failure to attend a court-ordered traffic school, except for good cause, is a traffic infraction. RCW 46.83.060. (Ord. C-965 § 6, 2021)