Chapter 16.04


16.04.010    Submittal and approval process.

16.04.020    General requirements.

16.04.030    Specific requirements.

16.04.040    Dedication, acknowledgment and endorsement.

16.04.050    Filing.

16.04.010 Submittal and approval process.

A. The final plat shall be prepared in accordance with the provisions of this title.

B. The final plat shall be approved by the City Council within 30 days of the date of submitting such final plat to the City per RCW 58.17.140. If approval is withheld, the copy of the final plat, together with a list of required modifications, prepared in accordance with the provisions of this title, shall be returned to the applicant. The City shall retain a duplicate set of required modifications for its files. (Ord. C-656 § 32, 2007)

16.04.020 General requirements.

A. Six copies of the final plat shall be submitted to the Director for review and approval.

B. A tax statement from the Spokane County treasurer shall be submitted which is no more than 60 days old, indicating that all taxes and assessments against the final plat have been paid.

C. A certificate of title shall be submitted with the final plat. The certificate must have an effective date no more than 60 days prior to the recording of a final plat, binding site plan or other final development approval and be signed by a title officer.

D. The final plat shall incorporate all conditions of approval imposed and shall be prepared and certified by a registered land surveyor.

E. The final plat submittal shall include the following:

1. The final plat, containing all the information specified in this chapter, shall be prepared in a neat and legible manner in drawing ink and be permanently reproducible.

2. All documents, maps, and survey notes shall contain the name of the subdivision, the name(s) of the applicant(s), and the name of the registered land surveyor.

3. The size of the final plat shall be 24 inches by 36 inches, and the final plat shall be recorded on two or more sheets if the scale necessary to accommodate the map on one sheet would unduly congest the drawing. Each sheet shall contain the final plat file number; the section, township and range; and the number of the individual sheet and the total number of sheets in the set. (Ord. C-656 § 33, 2007)

16.04.030 Specific requirements.

A. The final plat shall clearly show the following information:

1. The boundary lines and names of all public and private streets, parks, playgrounds, and easements intended to be dedicated for public use, or granted for use of inhabitants of the subdivision;

2. The boundary lines and names of all public and private, existing or platted, parks, playgrounds, and easements adjacent to the final plat, subdivision or dedication, including municipal boundaries, township lines, and section lines;

3. The lengths and bearings of all straight lines, curve radii, arcs and semi-tangents of all curves;

4. The size of each lot and all dimensions along the boundary lines of each lot, with the true bearings and also any other data necessary for the location of any lot lines in the field;

5. Suitable primary control points, approved by the Public Works Director, or descriptions and ties to such control points, to which all dimensions, angles, bearings and similar data given on the plat shall be referred;

6. The location of all permanent monuments;

7. The names of all subdivisions immediately adjacent thereto;

8. The date, true north point, scale, datum plane and date of survey;

9. All linear dimensions shall be given in feet and decimals of a foot to the nearest hundredth;

10. The scale of the final plat shall be a minimum of one inch equals 100 feet unless another scale is approved by the Director;

11. If the plat constitutes a replat, the lots, blocks, streets, etc., of the original plat shall be shown by dotted lines in their proper positions in relation to the new arrangement of the plat, the new plat being so clearly shown in solid lines as to avoid any ambiguity;

12. The boundary of the tract, with courses and distances marked thereon, as determined by a field survey made by a registered and qualified land surveyor of the state of Washington and to close with an error of not more than one foot in 4,000 feet;

13. The elevations of all corners on the boundaries of the subdivided tract, as required by AHMC 16.03.050(B), shall be similarly referenced;

14. Street names and addresses;

15. Certification by a licensed land surveyor that the final plat was surveyed and prepared with his/her supervision, that the final plat is a true and correct representation of the subject property, and that permanent control monuments have been established at each and every controlling corner of each parcel of land being created;

16. A notarized certification by the owner(s) shall be provided dedicating streets, other areas intended for public use, granting of easements for utilities, and responsibility for maintenance of private roads and common areas;

17. All signatures affixed to a final plat shall be original signatures written in permanent black ink. The following signatures are required on the final plat:

a. Owner;

b. Mayor;

c. Director;

d. City Engineer;

e. Spokane County treasurer;

f. Spokane County auditor;

g. Spokane Regional Health District, if on-site sewage disposal is utilized. (Ord. C-656 § 34, 2007)

16.04.040 Dedication, acknowledgment and endorsement.

The legal description of the plat, licensed surveyor and owner certifications, and required signature blocks shall appear on the final plat, lettered in ink either by hand or mechanical device, in accordance with the format provided by the City. (Ord. C-656 § 35, 2007)

16.04.050 Filing.

Following approval of the final plat by the City, the applicant shall file the original reproducible final plat with the auditor. The Director shall be notified of such filing by the applicant within five days of filing the final plat with the auditor. (Ord. C-656 § 36, 2007)