Chapter 6.20


6.20.010    Definitions.

6.20.020    Livestock permitted.

6.20.030    Dwelling and setback requirements.

6.20.040    Livestock prohibited.

6.20.050    Manure.

6.20.060    Public health and safety.

6.20.070    Effective date and applicability.

6.20.080    Violations/civil penalty.

6.20.010 Definitions.

Any provisions of the Algona Municipal Code to the contrary notwithstanding, as used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates that a different meaning is intended.

A. “House pet” means a dog or a cat or other similar animal of a type customarily used for a pet of an individual or family.

B. “Livestock” means any domestic animal except a house pet. (Ord. 724 § 1, 1993).

6.20.020 Livestock permitted.1

Livestock, as set forth below, may be kept in the city, not in excess of the following limitations:

A. One large animal, excluding any young under six months of age, such as a horse, a cow, pony, oxen, mule, or llama, per one-third grazing acre, not to exceed three large animals;

B. Four small animals, excluding sucklings, such as a goat or sheep per one-half grazing acre;

C. Two goat or sheep, excluding sucklings, per recorded lot under one-half grazing acre when setback requirements can be met;

D. Ten large fowl per one-half acre, such as geese, swans, and turkeys;

E. Five small fowl per recorded lot, such as chickens, ducks, and guinea hens;

F. Five large fowl per recorded lot under one-half acre;

G. One pot-bellied swine per household, to be confined to pet owner’s premises. (Ord. 1169-19 § 1: Ord. 724 § 2, 1993).

6.20.030 Dwelling and setback requirements.

A. The primary dwelling for horses, ponies, cows, oxen, mules, llamas, or other similar large animals may not exceed ten percent of the square footage of the lot and must be at least five feet from the lot line and one hundred feet from any neighboring house. Fencing for keeping of the animals shall not be closer than five feet from the property line and must be secure to hold stock and in good repair; provided, the fencing required herein may be closer than five feet from the property line or on the property line if the deviation from the provisions of this section is set forth in a written agreement, signed and acknowledged by the property owner and all adjoining property owners, in a form acceptable for recording with the King County auditor, the original of which shall be submitted to the city clerk upon its execution.

B. The primary dwelling for sheep or goats, fowl or rabbits, shall be limited to one accessory building which shall not exceed three hundred square feet of floor area and shall be at least five feet from the property line and fifty feet from neighboring houses. Fencing shall be constructed for the keeping of the livestock not closer than one foot from the property line. Fencing must be secure to hold stock and in good repair. (Ord. 724 § 3, 1993).

6.20.040 Livestock prohibited.2

A. Stallions over the age of two years may not be kept within the city limits of the city.

B. Swine may not be kept within the city limits of the city, with the exception of pot bellied swine as referenced in Section 6.20.020(G).

C. Roosters may not be kept within the city limits of the city. (Ord. 1169-19 § 3: Ord. 724 § 4, 1993).

6.20.050 Manure.

No organic material, furnishing food or a breeding place for flies, will be allowed to accumulate on the premises. Unslaked lime, hypochlorite of lime or borax shall be used in sufficient quantities to prevent offensive odors and the breeding of flies. Manure shall not be allowed to accumulate and must be cleaned up on a regular basis sufficient to maintain a sanitary condition satisfactory to the city and/or the county department of health. (Ord. 724 § 5, 1993).

6.20.060 Public health and safety.

This chapter shall not be construed to permit the keeping of animals in any place or manner which will endanger public health or safety. (Ord. 724 § 6, 1993).

6.20.070 Effective date and applicability.

This chapter shall take effect immediately upon its passage, approval and publication as required by law; provided, all existing uses and structures shall be deemed nonconforming and the provisions of Chapter 22.36 of this code shall apply; provided further, that any persons maintaining livestock in excess of the limitations contained in this chapter shall, within thirty days of its enactment, register with the city clerk, on forms provided by the city clerk, the number, type, and location of each excess animal and thereafter when any animal in excess of the limitations set forth in this chapter dies, is sold, or is removed from the property for a period in excess of thirty days, the animal shall not be returned nor replaced if that would result in exceeding the limitation set forth in Section 6.20.020. Any violation of this provision shall subject the violator to the provisions of Section 6.20.080. (Ord. 724 § 7, 1993).

6.20.080 Violations/civil penalty.

Any person whose animal is maintained or allows an animal to be maintained in violation of this chapter, shall be deemed to have committed a civil infraction and shall incur a civil penalty in an amount not to exceed two hundred fifty dollars per violation. Each day the animal is maintained in violation of this chapter after written notice from the mayor or the mayor’s designee, shall constitute a separate violation. All civil infractions shall be established and all civil penalties shall be assessed, enforced, and collected through the jurisdiction of the Algona Municipal Court, pursuant to its procedures for notice of infraction. (Ord. 724 § 8, 1993).


Code reviser’s note: Section 6 of Ord. 1169-19 states that the amendments to AMC 6.20.020 adopted by Ord. 1169-19 shall not be enforced until January 1, 2020.


Code reviser’s note: Section 6 of Ord. 1169-19 states that the amendments to AMC 6.20.040 adopted by Ord. 1169-19 shall not be enforced until January 1, 2020.