Chapter 10.16


10.16.010    Overload permit – Required.

10.16.020    Overload permit – Application.

10.16.030    Overload permit – Time limitation.

10.16.040    Overload permit – Restrictions.

10.16.050    Overload permit – Fees.

10.16.060    Overload permit – Exemptions.

10.16.070    Approved routes for overweight vehicles.

10.16.080    Temporary restrictions.

10.16.090    Overweight vehicle parking restrictions.

10.16.100    Violation – Penalty.

10.16.010 Overload permit – Required.

It is unlawful, without a valid permit, to operate any vehicle on a street or alley of the city with a licensed gross vehicle weight in excess of fourteen thousand pounds. (Ord. 923-02 § 2 (part)).

10.16.020 Overload permit – Application.

Permits to operate an overloaded vehicle may be obtained from the city. Application for overload permit shall be in the form prescribed by the city. Said permit shall require the following information:

A. Name, address and telephone number of the applicant.

B. Nature of load (type of material and/or equipment to be transported).

C. Location by name and address of job site or place of delivery.

D. Vehicle type, year and license number.

E. Estimate of time in days that the permit will be required.

F. Gross licensed weight of the vehicle.

G. Proposed route to be approved by the city setting forth the streets upon which said vehicle will be driven.

H. Proof of liability insurance as required by state law. (Ord. 923-02 § 2 (part)).

10.16.030 Overload permit – Time limitation.

Permits will be valid only for the length of time necessary to complete a particular job or delivery and in no case shall be for longer than one year. (Ord. 923-02 § 2 (part)).

10.16.040 Overload permit – Restrictions.

The city shall, following those standards used in RCW 46.44.093, issue or withhold overload permits at its discretion or make reasonable requirements for the operation of said vehicles when necessary to assure against damage to road or street foundation or surfaces, safety of other traffic and may require such measures to protect the city’s roads, streets and roadbeds. (Ord. 923-02 § 2 (part)).

10.16.050 Overload permit – Fees.

Permit fees shall be established by the city council as set forth in Section 2.50.040(E). Applicants may pay for a permit on an annual basis under terms set forth in said section of the Algona Municipal Code. (Ord. 923-02 § 2 (part)).

10.16.060 Overload permit – Exemptions.

The following vehicles shall be exempt from the permit process described in this chapter.

A. All vehicles owned and operated by governmental agencies.

B. Emergency vehicles, and solid waste disposal vehicles.

C. Vehicles transporting perishable goods or commodities to locations within the city for local delivery.

D. Recreational vehicles including motor homes, campers, and travel trailers.

E. Tractors of combination vehicles belonging to or operated by persons permanently residing within the city limits and used for commuting to work places located outside of the city limits. Drivers of said vehicles shall register them with the city including the name and address of the owner and/or driver, vehicle license number, and shall obtain from the public works director an approved route into and out of the city. A condition of the issuance of such exemption is that said vehicle will not be allowed to run at idle within the city limits for more than ten minutes and said vehicles shall not park on any city right-of-way, and shall park on hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and gravel. (Ord. 967-05 § 1; Ord. 923-02 § 2 (part)).

10.16.070 Approved routes for overweight vehicles.

Overweight vehicles and those vehicles in excess of eight feet in width, those vehicles in excess of thirty feet including tractor and trailer, and all vehicles transporting radioactive or hazardous cargo, may operate on the following city streets without permit:

A. West Valley Highway;

B. Ellingson Road;

C. Boundary Boulevard west to “O” Street; and

D. Those streets within the industrial area (Auburn 400 Corporate Park) located in the northeast portion of the city. (Ord. 923-02 § 2 (part)).

10.16.080 Temporary restrictions.

The public works director or his designee may temporarily prohibit the operation of any vehicles or may impose weight limits different than those set forth herein when the public streets due to temporary conditions will be damaged by use by any vehicles unless said use or vehicle weight is restricted. Signs setting forth the temporary conditions shall be erected stating that the use of the street or right-of-way is restricted. (Ord. 923-02 § 2 (part)).

10.16.090 Overweight vehicle parking restrictions.

No overweight vehicle shall be parked within the city except for those vehicles registered with the city pursuant to Section 10.16.060(E). (Ord. 923-02 § 2 (part)).

10.16.100 Violation – Penalty.

Any person found to be in violation of this chapter or who misrepresents the facts in application for a permit or registration as set forth herein shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. (Ord. 923-02 § 2 (part)).