Chapter 3.16


3.16.010    Separate accounting established.

3.16.020    Deposit of moneys paid to court.

3.16.030    Disbursements.

3.16.040    Record maintenance.

3.16.050    Funds from closed court cases.

3.16.060    Signature of police judge required on checks.

3.16.010 Separate accounting established.

A separate accounting of receipts and disbursements by the city police court is established. (Ord. 65-13 § 1, 1965)

3.16.020 Deposit of moneys paid to court.

It shall be the responsibility of the appointed police judge to deposit all moneys paid to the court to an account in the name of the city police court at the Bainbridge Island Bank located in Bainbridge Island, Washington. (Ord. 65-13 § 2, 1965)

3.16.030 Disbursements.

All disbursements from the police court bank account shall be by duly signed and recorded check. (Ord. 65-13 § 3, 1965)

3.16.040 Record maintenance.

An approved record of all receipts and disbursements shall be maintained in accordance with accepted accounting procedure. (Ord. 65-13 § 4, 1965)

3.16.050 Funds from closed court cases.

Funds accumulating from closed court cases shall be transmitted by check to the city clerk at frequent intervals but not less than twice a month. (Ord. 65-13 § 5, 1965)

3.16.060 Signature of police judge required on checks.

Responsibility for police court funds is established by state law, therefore all checks shall bear the signature of the appointed police judge, except that he may request the city council to provide one alternate authorized signature. (Ord. 65-13 § 6, 1965)