Chapter 3.39


3.39.010    Established.

3.39.020    Accounting.

3.39.030    Definitions.

3.39.040    Functions and disbursements.

3.39.050    Reporting.

3.39.010 Established.

A special revenue fund to be designated as the “tree fund” is established to receive special revenues supporting the city’s tree program, including efforts to maintain or increase the tree canopy on Bainbridge Island, encouraging a street tree program, or similar efforts, and to provide segregated accounting and control for expenditure of monies. (Ord. 2015-05 § 1, 2015)

3.39.020 Accounting.

Accounting within the tree fund shall segregate revenues and expenditures so that funds shall be used to support the city’s tree-related activities. (Ord. 2015-05 § 1, 2015)

3.39.030 Definitions.

Definitions as established in BIMC Titles 16, 17 and 18 shall apply here. (Ord. 2015-05 § 1, 2015)

3.39.040 Functions and disbursements.

The Bainbridge Island tree fund is intended to accept funds from sources that include, but are not limited to, private donations, public allocations and the proceeds from the payment of tree-related code enforcement actions.

The Bainbridge Island tree fund is intended to:

A. Support the city’s tree program;

B. Provide direct financial and technical assistance to qualified projects;

C. Provide financial assistance to public and private nonprofit organizations supporting activities consistent with city policy; and

D. Fund approved, eligible operating expenditures related to the provision of assistance covered by this chapter. (Ord. 2015-05 § 1, 2015)

3.39.050 Reporting.

A separate written report on the financial status of the city of Bainbridge Island tree fund shall be available upon request at the conclusion of each financial year. (Ord. 2015-05 § 1, 2015)