Chapter 3.84


3.84.010    Procedures.

3.84.010 Procedures.

All claims or other obligations of the city which are payable out of solvent funds shall be paid by the issuance of a bank check or warrant; provided, that no check shall be issued when the applicable fund is not solvent at the time payment is ordered, but a warrant shall be issued instead. The public depository upon which such checks are to be drawn shall be that banking institution under contract with the city and approved by the city council. Two signatures of the following officers of the city shall validate a check: city manager, finance director, accounting manager, budget manager, cost accountant and senior accountant. (Ord. 2010-28 § 1, 2010: Ord. 2009-21 § 26, 2009: Ord. 91-24 § 1, 1991)