Chapter 9.21


9.21.010    Gambling.

9.21.020    Prohibition on commercial card games as a commercial stimulant.

9.21.010 Gambling.

The following statutes of the state of Washington are adopted by reference:


9.46.160    Conducting activity without license as violation – Penalties.

9.46.170    False or misleading entries or statements, refusal to produce records, as violations – Penalty.

9.46.185    Causing person to violate rule or regulation as violation – Penalty.

9.46.190    Violations relating to fraud or deceit – Penalty.

9.46.195    Obstruction of public servant in administration or enforcement as violation – Penalty.

9.46.196    Defrauding or cheating other participant or operator as violation – Causing another to do so as violation – Penalty.

9.46.198    Working and gambling activity without license as violation – Penalty.

9.46.220    Professional gambling as violation – Penalty.

9.46.222    Professional gambling in the third degree.

9.46.225    Professional gambling – Penalties not applicable to authorized activities.

9.46.230    Owning, buying, selling, etc.,

    (4), (5) gambling devices or records – Penalties.

9.46.235    Slot machines, antique – Defenses concerning – Presumption created.

9.46.240    Gambling information, transmitting or receiving as violation – Penalty.

9.46.260    Proof of possession as evidence of knowledge of its character.

9.46.310    Licenses for manufacturer, sales distribution or supply of gambling devices.

9.47.080    Bucketshop defined.

9.47.090    Maintaining bucketshop – Penalty.

Chapter 218, Section 10, Laws of 1994.

(Ord. 94-19 § 4, 1994; Ord. 91-34 § 17, 1991)

9.21.020 Prohibition on commercial card games as a commercial stimulant.

Under the authority given the city by RCW 9.46.295, any license issued under the authority of the state to engage in gambling activities shall be legal authority to engage in the gambling activities for which it was issued; except, that such a license is not legal authority to engage in the conduct of social card games, as defined in RCW 9.46.0282, as now or hereafter amended, as a commercial stimulant to business within the city. Any violation of this section is a misdemeanor. (Ord. 99-31 § 1, 1999)