Chapter 9.28


9.28.010    Perjury and interference.

9.28.010 Perjury and interference.

The following statutes of the state of Washington are adopted by reference:


9A.72.010    Definitions.

9A.72.040    False swearing.

9A.72.050    Perjury and false swearing – Inconsistent statements – Degree of crime.

9A.72.060    Perjury and false swearing – Retraction.

9A.72.070    Perjury and false swearing – Irregularities no defense.

9A.72.080    Statement of what one does not know to be true.

9A.72.085    Matters and official proceeding required to be supported, etc., by sworn statement, etc., may be supported, etc., by unsworn written statement, etc. – Requirements of unsworn statement, form.

9A.72.140    Jury tampering.

9A.72.150    Tampering with physical evidence.

9.72.090    Committal of witness – Detention of documents.

(Ord. 91-34 § 20, 1991)