Chapter 10.12


10.12.010    Jurisdiction authority.

10.12.020    Violation of rules and regulations.

10.12.030    Traffic directions of ferry system employees.

10.12.040    Citations and procedures for violations.

10.12.050    Impoundment of vehicles or bicycles.

10.12.060    Violation – Penalty.

10.12.010 Jurisdiction authority.

Pursuant to RCW 47.60.275, the Bainbridge Island police are authorized to exercise concurrent jurisdiction authority with state law enforcement officers in the enforcement of the laws of the state and city ordinances at the State Ferry Terminal Facilities located within the city and on state ferries at the terminal. (Ord. 76-14 § 1, 1976)

10.12.020 Violation of rules and regulations.

The violation of any duly established and posted rule or regulation governing persons, pedestrians, bicycles and motor vehicles as defined in RCW 46.04.071, 46.04.320, 46.04.400 and 46.04.405 within the jurisdiction of the State Ferry Terminal and on state ferries shall be deemed a misdemeanor and punishable as provided by this chapter. (Ord. 76-14 § 2, 1976)

10.12.030 Traffic directions of ferry system employees.

It shall be a violation of this chapter for any person to fail to obey the traffic control direction or instruction issued by a ferry terminal employee directing traffic at the Washington State Ferry Terminal and surrounding area, including any employee of the city so authorized in performing such duties. (Ord. 76-14 § 3, 1976)

10.12.040 Citations and procedures for violations.

All citations and procedures for violation of this chapter shall be in accordance with the criminal rules for justice court, CJCrR, or the traffic rules for justice court, JTR, and shall be returnable in the Bainbridge Island municipal court. (Ord. 76-14 § 4, 1976)

10.12.050 Impoundment of vehicles or bicycles.

No motor vehicle or bicycle shall be impounded by the city for violation of this chapter unless, in the opinion of the arresting officer, such motor vehicle or bicycle constitutes a hazard to pedestrian or vehicular traffic and such impound is requested by the ferry terminal manager or his duly authorized representative. Nothing contained in this chapter shall be deemed to prevent the city from chaining any bicycle where it is located until such time as the owner thereof has identified himself and accepted a duly issued citation. (Ord. 76-14 § 5, 1976)

10.12.060 Violation – Penalty.

All violations of this chapter, except parking violations, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $500.00 or six months in jail, or both such fine and imprisonment. Any person convicted of improperly parking a motor vehicle or bicycle shall be fined not more than $5.00 for each offense, provided that if such fine is paid to the city within 48 hours after issuance of a citation therefor, the maximum fine shall be $2.00. A fine shall be considered paid within 48 hours if, within that time, said fine is either:

A. Delivered to the city; or

B. Placed in the United States mail with proper postage affixed and addressed to the City of Bainbridge Island, P.O. Box 10100, Bainbridge Island, Washington 98110; or

C. Deposited in a proper collection box provided for payment of parking violations by the city. (Ord. 76-14 § 6, 1976)