Chapter 20.25


20.25 Development Requirements in Overlay and Special Districts

Part 20.25A Downtown

20.25A.010    General     

20.25A.020    Definitions     

20.25A.030    Review required     

20.25A.040    Nonconforming uses, structures and sites     

20.25A.050    Downtown Land Use Charts     

20.25A.060    Dimensional charts     

20.25A.070    Amenity incentive system and floor area ratio     

20.25A.075    Downtown Tower Requirements and Upper-Level Stepbacks     

20.25A.080    Parking standards     

20.25A.090    Street and pedestrian circulation standards     

20.25A.100    Downtown pedestrian bridges     

20.25A.110    Landscape development     

20.25A.120    Green and sustainability factor     

20.25A.130    Mechanical equipment screening and location standards     

20.25A.135    Downtown neighborhood specific standards     

20.25A.140    Downtown Design Guidelines introduction     

20.25A.150    Context     

20.25A.160    Site organization     

20.25A.170    Streetscape and public realm     

20.25A.180    Building design (base, middle, and top)     

Part 20.25A Downtown (Prior Version)

Part 20.25B Transition Area Design District

20.25B.010    Purpose     

20.25B.020    Applicability     

20.25B.030    Design Review requirements     

20.25B.040    Development standards     

20.25B.050    Design guidelines     

Part 20.25C Office and Limited Business (OLB) and Office and Limited Business 2 (OLB 2) Districts

20.25C.010    Applicability of site development and design standards     

20.25C.020    Area and dimensional requirements in the OLB District     

20.25C.030    Minimum yard dimensions in OLB District     

20.25C.040    Design standards in OLB Districts     

20.25C.050    Standards and design guidelines in the OLB 2 District     

Part 20.25D Bel-Red

20.25D.010    General     

20.25D.020    Definitions Specific to Bel-Red     

20.25D.030    Review Required     

20.25D.035    Catalyst Projects     

20.25D.040    BROTS Interlocal Agreement Limitation     

20.25D.050    Permitted Uses     

20.25D.060    Existing Conditions     

20.25D.070    Land Use Charts     

20.25D.080    Dimensional Requirements     

20.25D.090    FAR Amenity Incentive System     

20.25D.100    Automobile and Motorcycle Sales, Leasing, and Rental     

20.25D.105    Operations and Maintenance Satellite Facility Development Requirements

20.25D.110    Landscape Development, Outdoor Storage, Retail Display, and Fence Standards 210.38c

20.25D.120    Parking, Circulation, and Internal Walkway Requirements     

20.25D.130    Bel-Red Development Standards     

20.25D.140    Bel-Red Street Development Standards     

20.25D.150    Design Guidelines     

Part 20.25E Shoreline Overlay District

20.25E.010    Definition of district     

20.25E.017    Definitions specific to the Shoreline Overlay District     

20.25E.020    Authority and purpose     

20.25E.030    Interpretation – Administration by City     

20.25E.040    Substantial Development Permit required     

20.25E.050    Exemptions from Substantial Development Permit system – Letter of exemption required

20.25E.055    Nonconforming development     

20.25E.060    Use regulations and policies governing permits     

20.25E.070    Permits     

20.25E.080    Shoreline performance standards     

Part 20.25F Evergreen Highlands Design District

20.25F.010    Permitted land uses     

20.25F.020    Master Development Plan required     

20.25F.030    Development Design Review     

20.25F.040    Site and design requirements     

20.25F.050    Pollution and hazardous waste control standards     

20.25F.060    Interjurisdictional review and cooperation     

Part 20.25F1 Factoria 1

20.25F1.010    General     

20.25F1.015    Street designations     

20.25F1.020    Review required     

20.25F1.030    Development intensity and phasing of required improvements     

20.25F1.040    Dimensional requirements     

20.25F1.050    Landscape requirements     

20.25F1.060    Parking and circulation     

20.25F1.070    Sidewalks and pedestrian paths     

20.25F1.080    Gateways     

20.25F1.090    Gathering places     

20.25F1.110    Design Review criteria     

20.25F1.115    Factoria TownSquare Building/Sidewalk Design Guidelines     

Part 20.25G Evergreen Highlands Subarea Transportation Improvement Overlay District

20.25G.010    Purpose and creation     

20.25G.020    Required improvements – General     

20.25G.030    Improvement phasing option     

20.25G.040    Exempt development     

Part 20.25H Critical Areas Overlay District

I. Scope and Purpose

20.25H.005    Scope     

20.25H.010    Purpose     

20.25H.015    Applicable procedure     

20.25H.020    Submittal requirements     

II. Designation of Critical Areas and Dimensional Standards

20.25H.025    Designation of critical areas     

20.25H.030    Identification of critical area     

20.25H.035    Critical area buffers and structure setbacks     

20.25H.040    Standards for modifying non-critical area setbacks     

20.25H.045    Development density/intensity     

III. Use and Development in the Critical Areas Overlay District

20.25H.050    Uses and development in the Critical Areas Overlay District     

20.25H.055    Uses and development allowed within critical areas – Performance standards

20.25H.065    Uses and development within critical area buffer or critical area structure setback not allowed pursuant to LUC 20.25H.055

IV. Streams

20.25H.075    Designation of critical area and buffers     

20.25H.080    Performance standards     

20.25H.085    Mitigation and monitoring – Additional provisions     

20.25H.090    Critical areas report – Additional provisions     

V. Wetlands

20.25H.095    Designation of critical area and buffers     

20.25H.100    Performance standards     

20.25H.105    Mitigation and monitoring – Additional provisions     

20.25H.110    Critical areas report – Additional provisions     

VI. Shorelines

20.25H.115    Designation of critical area and buffers     

20.25H.118    Mitigation and monitoring – Additional provisions     

20.25H.119    Critical areas report – Additional provisions     

VII. Geologic Hazard Areas

20.25H.120    Designation of critical area and buffers     

20.25H.125    Performance standards – Landslide hazards and steep slopes     

20.25H.130    Performance standards – Coal mine hazard area     

20.25H.135    Mitigation and monitoring – Additional provisions for landslide hazards and steep slopes

20.25H.140    Critical areas report – Additional provisions for landslide hazards and steep slopes

20.25H.145    Critical areas report – Approval of modification     

VIII. Habitat Associated with Species of Local Importance

20.25H.150    Designation of critical area     

20.25H.155    Uses in habitat for species of local importance     

20.25H.160    Performance standards     

20.25H.165    Critical areas report – Additional provisions     

20.25H.170    Process to identify additional species of local importance     

IX. Areas of Special Flood Hazard

20.25H.175    Designation of critical area     

20.25H.177    Definitions     

20.25H.180    Development in the area of special flood hazard     

X. Reasonable Use Exception

20.25H.190    Reasonable use exception – Purpose     

20.25H.195    Reasonable use exception – Process     

20.25H.200    Reasonable use exception – Applicability     

20.25H.205    Reasonable use exception – Performance standards     

XI. General Mitigation and Restoration Requirements

20.25H.210    Applicability     

20.25H.215    Mitigation sequencing     

20.25H.220    Mitigation and restoration plan requirements     

20.25H.225    Innovative mitigation     

XII. Critical Areas Report

20.25H.230    Critical areas report – Purpose     

20.25H.235    Critical areas report – Review process     

20.25H.240    Critical areas report – Limitation on modifications     

20.25H.245    Incorporation of best available science     

20.25H.250    Critical areas report – Submittal requirements     

20.25H.255    Critical areas report – Decision criteria     

20.25H.260    Critical areas report – Assurance devices     

20.25H.265    Critical areas report – City technical review     

20.25H.270    Critical areas report – Independent third-party review     

Part 20.25I Community Retail Design District

20.25I.010    Purpose     

20.25I.020    Community Retail Design District defined     

20.25I.030    Design Review required     

20.25I.040    Design guidelines     

20.25I.050    Design standards     

20.25I.060    Additional design guidelines for the Neighborhood Mixed Use District

Part 20.25J Medical Institution District

20.25J.010    General     

20.25J.015    Review required     

20.25J.020    Permitted uses     

20.25J.030    Dimensional requirements    

20.25J.040    Development intensity    

20.25J.050    Parking, transportation management and commute trip reduction requirements

20.25J.060    Landscape requirements     

20.25J.070    Streetscape design requirements     

20.25J.080    Design review guidelines     

Part 20.25K Factoria

20.25K.010    General     

20.25K.020    Parking     

20.25K.040    F2 Land Use District     

20.25K.050    F3 Land Use District      273/

Part 20.25L Office and Limited Business-Open Space (OLB-OS) District

20.25L.010    Properties eligible for OLB-OS designation     

20.25L.020    Permitted land uses     

20.25L.030    Dimensional requirements     

20.25L.040    Design standards in OLB-OS Districts     

20.25L.050    Parking requirements     

Part 20.25M Light Rail Overlay District

20.25M.010    General    

20.25M.020    Definitions applicable to the Light Rail Overlay District    

20.25M.030    Required permits    

20.25M.035    Citizen Advisory Committee Review required    

20.25M.040    RLRT system and facilities development standards    

20.25M.050    Design guidelines    

20.25M.060    Administrative modification process    

Part 20.25N Camp and Conference Center District

20.25N.010    Applicability    

20.25N.020    Master Development Plan Review required    

20.25N.030    Design Review required    

20.25N.040    Uses in the CCC District    

20.25N.050    Dimensional requirements    

20.25N.060    Landscape requirements    

20.25N.070    Other development standards    

20.25N.080    Design guidelines    

Part 20.25P Eastgate Transit Oriented Development Land Use District

20.25P.010    General     

20.25P.020    Review required     

20.25P.030    Permitted uses     

20.25P.040    (Reserved)     

20.25P.050    Land use chart     

20.25P.060    Dimensional requirements     

20.25P.070    Landscape development and fence standards     

20.25P.080    Parking, circulation, and internal walkway requirements     

20.25P.085    Required ground floor uses     

20.25P.090    Eastgate Transit Oriented Development Land Use District street standards

20.25P.100    Design guidelines

20.25 Development Requirements in Overlay and Special Districts

This chapter is divided into discrete parts. Each part contains a body of regulations which in some way modify or supplement the general land use regulations of the Land Use Code. Where a conflict between the regulations of Chapter 20.20, 20.30, 20.40 or 20.50 LUC and this chapter exists, the regulations of this chapter control. The user should consult each chapter of this Code to determine all applicable regulations.