Chapter 20.30


Part 20.30A Rezone

20.30A.110    Scope    

20.30A.115    Applicability    

20.30A.120    Purpose    

20.30A.140    Decision criteria    

20.30A.145    Limitation on authority    

20.30A.150    Map change    

20.30A.155    Concomitant agreement    

Part 20.30B Conditional Use Permit

20.30B.110    Scope    

20.30B.115    Applicability    

20.30B.120    Purpose    

20.30B.140    Decision criteria    

20.30B.160    Merger with Binding Site Plan    

20.30B.165    Periodic review    

20.30B.170    Modification/revocation    

20.30B.175    Modification or addition to an approved project or decision    

Part 20.30C Shoreline Conditional Use Permit

20.30C.110    Scope    

20.30C.115    Applicability    

20.30C.120    Purpose    

20.30C.130    Limitation on filing    

20.30C.145    Limitation on City action    

20.30C.155    Decision criteria    

20.30C.160    Transmittal to Department of Ecology/Attorney General    

20.30C.165    Effective date    

20.30C.170    Time limitation    

20.30C.175    Extension    

20.30C.185    Amendment to an approved Shoreline Conditional Use Permit    

20.30C.190    Merger with Binding Site Plan    

20.30C.195    Periodic review    

20.30C.200    Modification/revocation    

Part 20.30D Planned Unit Development

20.30D.110    Scope    

20.30D.115    Applicability    

20.30D.120    Purpose    

20.30D.150    Planned Unit Development plan – Decision criteria    

20.30D.160    Planned Unit Development plan – Conservation feature and recreation

space    requirement    

20.30D.165    Planned Unit Development plan – Request for modification of zoning


20.30D.167    Planned Unit Development – Additional bonus density for large-parcel

projects    302    

20.30D.170    Planned Unit Development plan – Limitation on authority to modify zoning    

20.30D.175    Planned Unit Development plan – Authorized activity    

20.30D.195    Planned Unit Development plan – Merger with subdivision    

20.30D.200    Planned Unit Development plan – Effect of approval    

20.30D.250    Planned Unit Development plan – Phased development    

20.30D.255    Planned Unit Development plan – Map designation    

20.30D.280    Merger with Binding Site Plan    

20.30D.285    Amendment of an approved Planned Unit Development    

Part 20.30E Administrative Conditional Use Permit

20.30E.110    Scope    

20.30E.115    Applicability    

20.30E.120    Purpose    

20.30E.140    Decision criteria    

20.30E.160    Merger with Binding Site Plan    

20.30E.165    Periodic review    

20.30E.170    Modification/revocation    

20.30E.175    Modification or addition to an approved project or decision    

Part 20.30F Design Review

20.30F.110    Scope    

20.30F.115    Applicability    

20.30F.116    City Council Design Review    

20.30F.120    Purpose    

20.30F.125    Who may apply    

20.30F.145    Decision criteria    

20.30F.165    Merger with Binding Site Plan    

20.30F.170    Planning Commission Design Review    

20.30F.175    Modification or addition to an approved Design Review project or decision    

20.30F.180    Recording required    

Part 20.30G Variance from the Land Use Code

20.30G.110    Scope    

20.30G.115    Applicability    

20.30G.120    Purpose    

20.30G.140    Decision criteria    

20.30G.150    Limitation on authority    

Part 20.30H Variance to the Shoreline Master Program

20.30H.110    Scope    

20.30H.115    Applicability    

20.30H.120    Purpose    

20.30H.125    Who may apply    

20.30H.130    Limitation on filing    

20.30H.155    Decision criteria    

20.30H.160    Transmittal to Department of Ecology/Attorney General    

20.30H.165    Effective date    

Part 20.30I Amendment and Review of the Comprehensive Plan

20.30I.110    Scope and background     

20.30I.115    Applicable process     

20.30I.120    Purpose     

20.30I.130    Initiation of amendment proposals     

20.30I.140    Threshold review decision criteria     

20.30I.150    Final review decision criteria     

Part 20.30J Amendments to the Text of the Land Use Code

20.30J.110    Scope    

20.30J.115    Applicability    

20.30J.120    Purpose    

20.30J.125    Who may initiate    

20.30J.130    Applicable procedure    

20.30J.135    Decision criteria    

Part 20.30K Interpretation of the Land Use Code

20.30K.110    Scope    

20.30K.115    Applicability    

20.30K.120    Purpose    

20.30K.130    Applicable procedure    

20.30K.135    Submittal requirements    

20.30K.140    Factors for consideration    

20.30K.150    Effect of interpretation    

20.30K.155    Time limitation    

Part 20.30M Temporary Use Permit

20.30M.110    Scope    

20.30M.115    Applicability    

20.30M.120    Purpose    

20.30M.125    Applicable procedure    

20.30M.130    Who may apply    

20.30M.140    Decision criteria    

20.30M.145    Time limitation    

20.30M.150    Limitation on activity    

20.30M.155    Removal of temporary use    

20.30M.160    Abatement of temporary use    

20.30M.170    Screening of off-site construction parking areas    

Part 20.30N Home Occupation Permit

20.30N.110    Scope    

20.30N.115    Applicability    

20.30N.120    Purpose    

20.30N.125    Who may apply    

20.30N.140    Decision criteria    

20.30N.145    Conditions    

20.30N.150    Time limitation    

20.30N.155    Quarterly report    

20.30N.160    Revocation of Home Occupation Permit    

20.30N.165    Assurance device    

Part 20.30P Critical Areas Land Use Permit

20.30P.110    Scope    

20.30P.115    Applicability    

20.30P.120    Purpose    

20.30P.125    Who may apply    

20.30P.130    Applicable procedure    

20.30P.140    Decision criteria    

20.30P.150    Time limitation    

20.30P.155    Extension    

20.30P.160    Assurance device    

20.30P.170    Hold harmless    

20.30P.180    Critical area report – Additional review procedures    

Part 20.30R Shoreline Substantial Development Permit

20.30R.110    Scope    

20.30R.115    Applicability    

20.30R.120    Purpose    

20.30R.155    Director’s decision    

20.30R.160    Transmittal to Department of Ecology/Attorney General    

20.30R.170    Commencement of activity    

20.30R.175    Time limitation    

20.30R.180    Extension    

20.30R.190    Revision of an approved Shoreline Substantial Development Permit    

Part 20.30S Vendor Cart Permit

20.30S.110    Scope    

20.30S.115    Applicability    

20.30S.120    Purpose    

20.30S.125    Applicable procedure    

20.30S.130    Who may apply    

20.30S.135    Submittal requirements    

20.30S.140    Decision criteria    

Part 20.30T Reasonable Accommodation

20.30T    Reasonable accommodation    

Part 20.30U Temporary Encampment Permit

20.30U.110    Scope    

20.30U.115    Applicability    

20.30U.120    Who may apply    

20.30U.121    Submittal requirements    

20.30U.122    Applicable procedures    

20.30U.125    Use requirements    

20.30U.127    Hardship exception    

20.30U.130    Decision criteria    

20.30U.135    Revocation of Temporary Encampment Permit    

Part 20.30V Master Development Plan

20.30V.110    Scope    

20.30V.115    Applicability    

20.30V.120    Purpose    

20.30V.130    Phasing plan    

20.30V.140    Binding Site Plan    

20.30V.150    Decision criteria    

20.30V.160    Modification or addition to an approved Master Development Plan    

20.30V.170    Land area computation    

20.30V.180    Recording required    

20.30V.190    Extended vesting period for Master Development Plans and associated

Design    Review approval