Title 2


2.01    Department of Administrative Services

2.03    Department of Budgeting and Accounting Services

2.09    Department of Finance

2.12    Fire Department

2.14    Building Services Division Advisory Board

2.16    Department of Municipal Court

2.18    Department of Parks and Recreation

2.19    Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

2.20    Greenway Advisory Committee

2.21    Department of Planning and Community Development

2.24    Police Department

2.25    Equal Protection and Provision of Services Regardless of Immigration Status

2.27    Department of Public Works

2.28    Repealed

2.30    Fair Housing Practices Commission

2.33    Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Commission

2.36    Bellingham Arts Commission

2.39    Museum

2.42    Planning and Development Commission

2.44    Transportation Commission

2.46    Community Development Advisory Board

2.54    Historic Preservation Commission

2.55    Design Review Board

2.56    Hearing Examiner

2.57    Emergency Services Council

2.60    Emergency Medical and Ambulance Advisory Board

2.66    Building Inspector

2.75    Home Improvement Program

2.80    Tourism Commission

2.82    Sister Cities Advisory Board

2.84    Industrial Development Corporation

2.86    Loan Review Board

2.88    Bellingham-Whatcom County Commission Against Domestic Violence

2.90    Watershed Advisory Board

2.92    City of Bellingham-Port of Bellingham Waterfront Advisory Group

2.94    Bellingham-Whatcom Public Facilities District

2.96    Home Rehabilitation Program Loan Review Board


    For statutory provisions regarding fire prevention and extinguishment in cities of the first class, see RCW 35.22.280(23).

    For statutory provisions regarding planning commissions, see Chapter 35.63 RCW.

    For statutory provisions regarding creation of a board of adjustment, see RCW 35.63.080.

    For statutory provisions regarding local organizations for emergency services, see RCW 38.52.070.