Chapter 2.09


2.09.010    Created – Direction.

2.09.015    Position of city finance officer created.

2.09.020    Interdepartmental transfer of funds within general fund.

2.09.010 Created – Direction.

There is created an administrative department of the city, designated the department of finance, which shall be under the supervision of the duly qualified and acting director of finance. The finance director shall have all such duties and responsibilities as are set forth in the Charter of the city, in state statutes relating to municipal chief financial officers and city clerks, and in the organizational chart of the city adopted by Resolution 1968, of December 4, 1972, including the following:

A. Responsibility for all the finances of the city, including, but not limited to, the following functions:

1. To receive all funds payable to the city from any person or source, giving receipts therefor, placing said funds in proper depositories, and receiving and reconciling from his records monthly statements from said depositories; reporting in writing monthly to the mayor and council on the amount of moneys received and disbursed by him and the amount on hand.

2. To examine all claims against the city, preparing and signing warrants for payment upon ascertaining the validity and propriety thereof; the finance director is the audit officer for the city, and shall validate all claims in his name, either personally or through a deputy by written authorization of the finance director.

3. To record the financial transactions of the city in books of account in accordance with the city budget, submitting to the council and mayor at the beginning of each quarterly period a written report showing the relation between the estimated and actual income and expenses to date, and keeping a payroll record of all persons employed by the city, which shall be open to public inspection during business hours.

4. To keep and preserve all documents and records pertaining to the financial transactions of the city.

B. Responsibility for keeping and maintaining the public records of the city including, but not limited to, the following functions:

1. To maintain custody of the city seal, the public records (except as otherwise provided by the Charter), the original contracts, deeds, and certificates relative to the title of any property of this city, all official indemnity or surety bonds (except his own) and such other records as are required by the laws of the state or ordinances of the city; attesting all public instruments and the official acts of the mayor by his signature and the city seal, and certifying under the seal all copies of original records as may be required.

2. To attend all city council meetings and keep a journal of its proceedings, and to sign all warrants and licenses issued pursuant to the orders and ordinances of the city council, keeping a log of all licenses issued, with the names of the persons to whom issued, the date of issue, the time for which they were granted and the sums paid therefor. [Code 1980 at § 1.90.010].

2.09.015 Position of city finance officer created.

The position of city finance officer is created, which is exempt from the city’s classified civil service and is the finance director’s chief deputy, which shall be filled by the finance director with concurrence of the mayor, and which carries with it the following duties and responsibilities:

A. In case of temporary absence or disability of the finance director, and unless otherwise directed by the city council, acts in the finance director’s stead, as may be required, including attendance at meetings of the police and fire pension board;

B. Assists the finance director in the development and implementation of office systems and carries out special projects as may from time to time be assigned;

C. Supervises the organization and retention of the city’s official records, in accordance with laws of the state of Washington and ordinances of the city;

D. Assists the finance director with management of investments of city funds;

E. Administers advance travel payments and travel expense reimbursement, in accordance with laws of the state of Washington and city ordinances;

F. Assists in the administration of the city’s surplus real estate; and

G. Coordinates and supervises volunteers and temporary staff which may from time to time be assigned to the department. [Ord. 10647 § 1, 1995; Ord. 9567 § 2, 1986].

2.09.020 Interdepartmental transfer of funds within general fund.

The interdepartmental transfer of funds within the general fund shall be done by the city’s chief administrative official only after a majority vote of the city council. [Ord. 8778 § 1, 1979].