Chapter 2.18


2.18.010    Created – Direction.

2.18.020    Director appointment.

2.18.010 Created – Direction.

There is created an administrative department of the city to be known as the department of parks and recreation which shall be under the supervision of a director who shall have the following responsibilities and duties:

A. To supervise the care and maintenance of city park and cemetery lands and facilities within and outside the city limits;

B. To plan, organize, and implement a comprehensive recreation program including promotional programs for the municipal golf course;

C. To assist the mayor and the council in the development of long-range plans for park land acquisition and development, as well as the coordination of city beautification programs with city departments, other governmental agencies, and civic and fraternal organizations. [Ord. 8302 § 1, 1974].

2.18.020 Director appointment.

The director of parks and recreation shall be appointed by the mayor and serve at his pleasure. [Ord. 8302 § 2, 1974].