Chapter 2.39


2.39.010    Museum foundation.

2.39.020    Board of directors.

2.39.030    Terms of directors.

2.39.050    Annual reports.

2.39.010 Museum foundation.

The Whatcom museum foundation, a Washington nonprofit corporation, shall operate the museum, under the direction of the museum director and the budget authority of the city council. The duties of the foundation shall be as provided in a museum operating agreement entered into between the city and the foundation. [Ord. 2009-09-060; Ord. 2001-12-103; Ord. 9993, 1989].

2.39.020 Board of directors.

The foundation’s board of directors shall consist of not more than 20 voting directors selected as follows: Half of the directors shall be proposed by the foundation board for consideration by the mayor. These directors shall be appointed by the mayor with city council approval. The remainder of the directors shall be elected or chosen by the current members of the foundation board. Additional nonvoting members may be added at foundation discretion. [Ord. 2009-09-060; Ord. 2001-12-103; Ord. 9993, 1989].

2.39.030 Terms of directors.

Each director appointed by the mayor shall be appointed for a term of three years. Each member appointed by the foundation shall be appointed in accordance with the bylaws of the foundation. Upon vacancy by death, resignation or other cause of a city-appointed director, the mayor shall fill the vacancy by appointing a director for the unexpired portion of the term. [Ord. 2009-09-060; Ord. 9993, 1989].

2.39.050 Annual reports.

The museum foundation shall make an annual report to the mayor and city council of all business conducted by it during the year, together with a statement of all expenditures and an estimate of the needs for the coming year, with such other recommendations as it may wish to submit for the consideration of the city council. [Ord. 2009-09-060; Ord. 9993, 1989].