Chapter 2.75


2.75.010    Appeal procedure on decision or action.

2.75.020    Appellate powers of the fair housing practices commission.

2.75.010 Appeal procedure on decision or action.

Persons applying to the home improvement program of the community development program for benefits, and who are aggrieved by any decision or action of an employee of the city charged with administering the home improvement program, shall have a right to appeal such action or decision to the director of planning and development. Such appeals to the director of planning and development shall be conducted in accordance with written guidelines promulgated by the community development program, and copies of the same shall be made available to the general public. [Ord. 8702 § 1, 1978].

2.75.020 Appellate powers of the fair housing practices commission.

The fair housing practices commission shall have power to hear appeals from the community development’s home improvement program, as follows:

A. Scope of Review. The fair housing practices commission shall, in addition to other powers exercised by it, have authority to hear appeals from:

1. Decisions of the director of planning and development made on grievances of persons applying for home improvement program benefits who are aggrieved by actions or decisions of city employees administering the program;

2. Decisions of the home improvement program’s loan review board, either granting or denying, in whole or in part, benefits under the program.

B. Appellate Procedure. Appeals to the fair housing practices commission pursuant to this section shall be conducted in the same manner, and subject to the same procedure, as that used by the commission to dispose of complaints alleging unfair housing practices as that procedure shall be established by ordinance or rules and regulations of the commission, except that:

1. In addition to other methods of dispute resolution available to the commission, should the commission so determine and indicate in writing, its determinations on matters brought before it under this section shall be final and binding on the parties.

2. Should any party to a matter properly before the commission under this section desire an advisory opinion from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development on the matter, the time limits governing the appeal shall be tolled until such time as the planning director or the commission receives the advisory opinion. [Ord. 8702 § 2, 1978].