Chapter 4.15


4.15.010    Establishment and purpose.

4.15.030    Duration.

4.15.040    Fund reserves.

4.15.010 Establishment and purpose.

A. The purpose of the permit center is to administer the city’s mandated permitting and regulatory program. The city council shall annually review and assess permit center work load, service delivery, and costs to administer the permitting and regulatory program. The city council shall set, and periodically review, the permit center’s fees to ensure the fees are reasonable to cover the city’s costs of administering this permitting and regulatory program.

B. There is established a fund, to be known as the development services fund, to receive, account for, and disburse as appropriate all the fees generated by the permitting and regulatory program. Fees in the fund shall be disbursed to cover the costs of providing these permitting and regulatory activities. [Ord. 2005-05-039].

4.15.030 Duration.

This fund shall continue until the city council, by appropriate action, dissolves it and determines an appropriate repository for any surplus then existing. [Ord. 2005-05-039; Ord. 10035, 1990].

4.15.040 Fund reserves.

In addition to funding the permitting and regulatory program of the permit center, the fund shall maintain a reserve balance for the purpose of covering the permit center’s working capital, workload liability, core staffing, and technology and capital expenditures. The fund’s reserve balance should be managed to retain, as nearly as practical, a balance equal to 50 percent of the annual permit center operating budget. [Ord. 2005-05-039].