Chapter 4.29


4.29.010    Establishment of a police officer’s long-term care fund.

4.29.020    Purpose.

4.29.030    Source of funds.

4.29.040    Disposition of assets when purpose is completed.

4.29.010 Establishment of a police officer’s long-term care fund.

The finance director is authorized to establish a fund to be known as the “police officer’s long-term care fund.” [Ord. 1999-12-083 § 2].

4.29.020 Purpose.

The purpose of this fund will be to provide for the long-term care costs of certain police officers who have retired under Plan 1 of Chapter 41.26 RCW, or its predecessor statutes. The provisions required, among other things, that the city through the police pension board provide certain post-retirement long-term care medical benefits. [Ord. 1999-12-083 § 2].

4.29.030 Source of funds.

The source of funds to cover the immediate long-term care needs and reserve requirements will be from operating transfers from the general fund. [Ord. 1999-12-083 § 2].

4.29.040 Disposition of assets when purpose is completed.

Any assets remaining in this fund after all long-term care costs have been paid will be returned to the general fund and the police officer’s long-term care fund shall be closed. [Ord. 1999-12-083 § 2].