Chapter 9.04


9.04.010    Discharges of nauseous substances prohibited.

9.04.020    Keeping putrid meats or meat products prohibited.

9.04.030    Abatement of unwholesome or offensive conditions.

9.04.040    Manure, offal, or garbage – Accumulations prohibited.

9.04.050    Manure, offal, or garbage – Dumping prohibited without permit.

9.04.060    Stables or barns – Maintenance standards.

9.04.070    Stables or barns – Manure vaults.

9.04.140    Impure water.

9.04.150    School children with contagious diseases.

9.04.160    Reports of animals with contagious diseases.

9.04.170    Birth reports.

9.04.180    Violation – Penalty.

9.04.010 Discharges of nauseous substances prohibited.

No distiller, tanner, brewer, soap boiler, tallow chandler, meat packer, dyer, livery stable keeper, housekeeper, or other person shall discharge out of or permit to flow from his or her premises, or the premises he or they occupy, any foul or nauseous liquors, slops, or substances whatever into any private ground, street, alley or lane of public ground within the city. [Code 1980 at § 8.04.020].

9.04.020 Keeping putrid meats or meat products prohibited.

No person shall keep or cause to be kept any stale, putrid, or stinking fat, grease, or meat, nor shall any person keep for more than 24 hours any undressed hides unless they are properly salted, except in places where the same are to be manufactured. [Code 1980 at § 8.04.030].

9.04.030 Abatement of unwholesome or offensive conditions.

A. If any person within the limits of the city permits or suffers on his or her premises or on the premises of which he or she has or may be an occupant any nuisance, either in exercising any unwholesome or offensive trade, business, or calling or by having, suffering, or permitting any building or outhouse, sewer, sink or any putrid or unsound beef, pork, fish, hides, skins, or any putrid carcass or any unwholesome substance or any thing whatever to be or remain on the premises until any offensive, ill, or nauseous stenches become offensive, hurtful, or dangerous to the neighborhood or public health, it shall be the duty of the health officer to give notice to such person or persons to remove or abate such nuisance forthwith.

B. If the owner or owner’s agent, occupant or occupants of the premises on which such nuisance is situated neglects or refuses to remove the same as ordered, he shall be liable upon conviction to a penalty as prescribed in this chapter, together with the expense of removing such nuisance.

C. If any person, after receiving notice as aforesaid, permits any such nuisance to remain, the health officer shall abate and remove such nuisance at the expense of the person. [Code 1980 at § 8.04.060].

9.04.040 Manure, offal, or garbage – Accumulations prohibited.

No pile or deposit of manure, offal, or garbage, or accumulation of any offensive or nauseous substance, shall be made or permitted within the limits of the city; nor shall any person or persons or corporations unload or discharge or put upon or along the line of any railroad, street, alley, highway, or public place within the city, any manure, offal, garbage, or other offensive or nauseous substances; nor shall cars or flats loaded with or having upon them any such nuisance or substances be allowed to remain or stand upon or along any railroad, street or highway within the limits of the city. [Code 1980 at § 8.04.070].

9.04.050 Manure, offal, or garbage – Dumping prohibited without permit.

No manure, garbage, offal, or any vegetable or animal matter or nauseous substances detrimental to health shall be dumped or deposited at any place within the limits of the city except by special permit from the health officer. [Code 1980 at § 8.04.080].

9.04.060 Stables or barns – Maintenance standards.

Every owner, agent, lessee, or tenant or occupant of any stall, stable, or apartment in which any horse or any other cattle is kept, or any place in which any manure or solid or liquid discharges or excrement may collect or accumulate, shall at all times keep or cause to be kept in a clean, healthful, and wholesome condition said stalls, stables, or apartments, and the drainage yard and appurtenances thereof; and no offensive smell shall be allowed to escape therefrom. In all cases where the health officer by written notice so requires, all manure or excrement shall be removed from all stables and premises where it accumulates as often as once a day. [Code 1980 at § 8.04.270].

9.04.070 Stables or barns – Manure vaults.

Every stable or apartment in which any horse or any cattle are kept shall be provided with an underground and properly covered manure vault of sufficient capacity to care for manure that may collect in such stable or apartment. The vault shall not be nearer than 10 feet to the line of any adjoining lot, street, alley, or public place without a permit from the health officer. [Code 1980 at § 8.04.280].

9.04.140 Impure water.

A. Whenever the attention of the health officer is called to the water in a well, cistern, spring, or other source of supply in the city which, after careful examination, is found to be impure, contaminated, and unfit to drink, it shall be the duty of the health officer to serve or cause to be served on the owner, agent, or tenant of the property a notice in writing that such water shall no longer be used for drinking purposes.

B. It is the duty of the health officer to order the closure filled up or the destruction of any well or cistern or other source of supply whose waters are found to be impure, unless after proper cleansing it is found that the water is healthful to the satisfaction of the health officer.

C. Any tenant, owner, agent, or individual whatsoever who resists, opposes, or attempts in any way to interfere with the work of the health officer or who resists any properly authorized officer in the discharge of his duties shall be subject to the penalties provided in this chapter. [Code 1980 at § 9.04.250].

9.04.150 School children with contagious diseases.

No principal, teacher, or superintendent of any school, and no parent or guardian, shall permit any child sick with any contagious or communicable disease, or any child residing in any house in which the disease exists, to attend school until such time as the attending physician certifies and the health officer approves that it can be done without danger of communicating the disease to others. [Code 1980 at § 8.04.300].

9.04.160 Reports of animals with contagious diseases.

Every veterinary surgeon who is called to examine, and does examine and professionally attend any animal within the city having the glanders, or farcy, or any contagious disease, shall within 24 hours thereafter report the same in writing to the health officer and give a statement of the location of such diseased animal, the name and address of the owner, agent, person or persons who claim control over the same, and the type and character of the disease. [Code 1980 at § 8.04.340].

9.04.170 Birth reports.

The physician or midwife present at the birth of every child born in this city and, in case there is no physician or midwife present, the parent or witness present at the birth, shall report in writing to the health officer of this city all particulars concerning the birth as called for on the blank forms furnished by him for that purpose. The report shall be made within three days after the birth of the child and, if not made within 30 days, shall subject the person responsible for the report to the penalty provided for this chapter. [Code 1980 at § 8.04.370].

9.04.180 Violation – Penalty.

Any person, firm, or corporation violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined in any sum not exceeding $1,000 or by imprisonment not to exceed 90 days, or by both such fine and imprisonment. [Ord. 2013-09-073 § 10; Code 1980 at § 8.04.350].