Chapter 10.18


10.18.005    Adoption by reference.

10.18.005 Adoption by reference.

The following provisions of the Revised Code of Washington as presently constituted or hereinafter amended are adopted by reference:


9.02.050    Concealing birth.

9.04.010    False advertising.

9.08.030    False certification of registration of animals.

9.16.090    Sale of improperly labeled petroleum products or wrong grade.

9.24.010    Fraud in corporate stock subscription.

9.26A.090    Telephone company credit cards.

9.26A.120    Fraud in operating coin-box telephone or other receptacle.

9.26A.130    Penalty for manufacture or sale of slugs to be used for coin.

9.38.010    False representation concerning credit.

9.38.015    False statement by deposit account applicant.

9.38.020    False representation concerning title.

9.44.080    Misconduct in signing petition.

9.45.080    Fraudulent removal of property.

9.62.010    Malicious prosecution.

9.91.140    Food stamps.

9A.60.040    Criminal impersonation.

9A.60.050    False certification.

9A.72.040    False swearing.

9A.72.140    Jury tampering.

9A.76.175    Making false or misleading statement to public servant.

[Ord. 10912 § 10, 1997].