Chapter 10.42


10.42.010    Adoption by reference.

10.42.010 Adoption by reference.

A. Enforcement Authority. Within the city of Bellingham, the Bellingham police department shall have the same authority to enforce the provisions of this section of the Bellingham Municipal Code as are granted to State Department of Fish and Wildlife officers by the Revised Code of Washington. To the extent that any adopted section of Chapter 77.15 RCW or state regulations refers to fish and wildlife officers, the provisions of that section shall also be construed to refer to officers of the Bellingham police department.

B. Statutes Adopted by Reference. The following sections of Chapter 77.15 RCW as they exist at present and as they may be subsequently amended, are hereby adopted by reference:


77.15.005    Finding – Intent.

77.15.010    Exemption for department actions.

77.15.020    Authority to define violation of rule as infraction.

77.15.030    Individual animal unlawfully taken – Separate offense.

77.15.050    “Conviction” defined.

77.15.060    Reference to Chapters 7.84 and 9A.20 RCW.

77.15.075    Enforcement authority of fish and wildlife officers.

77.15.080    Fish and wildlife officer – Inspection authority.

77.15.085    Seizure without warrant.

77.15.090    Search, arrest warrant – Issuance – Execution.

77.15.092    Arrest without warrant.

77.15.094    Search without warrant – Seizure of evidence, property – Limitation.

77.15.100    Forfeited wildlife and articles – Disposition – Department authority – Sale.

77.15.120    Endangered fish or wildlife – Unlawful taking – Penalty.

77.15.130    Protected fish or wildlife – Unlawful taking – Penalty.

77.15.140    Unclassified fish or wildlife – Unlawful taking – Penalty.

77.15.150    Poison or explosives – Unlawful use – Penalty.

77.15.160    Infractions – Record catch – Barbed hooks – Other rule violations.

77.15.170    Waste of fish and wildlife – Penalty.

77.15.180    Unlawful interference with fishing or hunting gear – Penalty.

77.15.190    Unlawful trapping – Penalty.

77.15.192    Definitions.

77.15.194    Unlawful traps.

77.15.196    Unlawful poison.

77.15.198    Violation of RCW 77.15.194 or 77.15.196 – Penalty.

77.15.210    Obstructing the taking of fish, shellfish or wildlife – Penalty.

77.15.220    Unlawful posting – Penalty.

77.15.230    Department lands or facilities – Unlawful use – Penalty.

77.15.240    Unlawful use of dogs – Public nuisance – Penalty.

77.15.250    Unlawful release of fish, shellfish or wildlife – Penalty – Unlawful release of deleterious exotic wildlife – Penalty.

77.15.253    Unlawful use of prohibited aquatic animal species – Penalty.

77.15.260    Unlawful trafficking in fish, shellfish or wildlife – Penalty.

77.15.270    Providing false information – Penalty.

77.15.300    Unlawful hydraulic project activities – Penalty.

77.15.320    Unlawful failure to provide, maintain, or operate fishway for dam or other obstruction – Penalty.

77.15.330    Unlawful hunting or fishing contests – Penalty.

77.15.370    Unlawful recreational fishing in the first degree – Penalty.

77.15.380    Unlawful recreational fishing in the second degree – Penalty.

77.15.400    Unlawful hunting of wild birds – Penalty.

77.15.410    Unlawful hunting of big game – Penalty.

77.15.420    Illegally taken or possessed wildlife – Criminal wildlife penalty assessed.

77.15.430    Unlawful hunting of wild animals – Penalty.

77.15.440    Loaded firearm in vehicle – Unlawful use or possession – Penalty.

77.15.450    Spotlighting big game – Penalty.

77.15.460    Loaded firearm in vehicle – Unlawful use or possession – Penalty.

77.15.480    Certain devices declared public nuisances.

77.15.580    Unlawful use of net to take fish – Penalty.

77.15.675    Hunting while intoxicated – Penalty.

77.15.900    Short title.

77.15.901    Captions not law.

77.15.902    Savings – 1998 c 190.

C. Regulations Adopted by Reference. All state regulations, including sections of the Washington Administrative Code, relating to or promulgated by the state of Washington and its departments to implement the aforementioned sections of Chapter 77.15 RCW are hereby adopted by reference.

D. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to effect the civil remedies of any person nor to confer felony jurisdiction upon the Bellingham municipal court. [Ord. 2003-01-004].