Chapter 13.48


13.48.010    Hearing – Application fee.

13.48.020    Payment for vacation.

13.48.010 Hearing – Application fee.

As a condition precedent to the city’s consideration of a resolution setting a date for a public hearing on the question of whether a city street should be vacated, the petitioner therefor shall submit an application accompanied by a fee in the amount set by city council resolution and the petitioner shall pay to the city an amount equal to the cost of preparation of an appraisal of the area proposed to be vacated and the city shall order such appraisal. An appraisal, and payment therefor, may not be required when, in the judgment of the director of planning and community development, it is not needed to determine the fair market value of the area to be vacated. [Ord. 1998-03-011 § 5; Ord. 10268 § 1, 1991; Ord. 9822 § 1, 1988; Ord. 9526, 1986; Ord. 8725 § 2, 1978; Ord. 8638 § 1, 1978].

13.48.020 Payment for vacation.

Unless otherwise specifically provided by the city council in the street vacation ordinance, such ordinance shall provide for the payment of compensation by the petitioner of an amount equal to one-half the appraised value of the area proposed for vacation. The city council shall have final authority to determine the appraised value.

In no event shall such vacation request come before the city council for final consideration until such amount has been computed, incorporated into the ordinance, and deposited with the finance director.

In the event that final passage of the ordinance is not granted, the deposited amount (exclusive of the application fee and appraisal fee) shall be refunded to the petitioner. [Ord. 10268 § 2, 1991; Ord. 9822 § 2, 1988; Ord. 9526, 1986; Ord. 8638 § 2, 1978].