Chapter 13.56


13.56.010    Definitions.

13.56.020    Permit – Required.

13.56.030    Permit – Fee.

13.56.050    Misdemeanors.

13.56.060    Abatement of abandoned commercial driveways.

13.56.070    Administration, enforcement, and appeals.

13.56.010 Definitions.

As used in this chapter:

“Commercial driveway” means any access way for vehicular traffic from a city street to a parcel of real property; provided, that the term shall not include driveways serving parcels occupied exclusively by residences or governmental buildings.

“Owner” means the person holding record title to a parcel.

“Parcel” means any piece of real property in a single ownership.

“Parking management zone” means an area defined by geographical boundaries that include a portion or all of the central business district and some surrounding areas, as approved by the mayor and city council. This area is designated by a map entitled Map 13.56.010 – Downtown Parking Area.

Map 13.56.010 – Downtown Parking Area

[Ord. 2009-08-053; Ord. 10610 § 1, 1995; Ord. 8759 § 1, 1979].

13.56.020 Permit – Required.

Every owner of a parcel located in the parking management zone of the city, whose parcel is served by one or more commercial driveways, shall annually obtain a permit for each driveway from the city’s parking systems division manager. [Ord. 10610 § 2, 1995; Ord. 8759 § 2, 1979].

13.56.030 Permit – Fee.

For the use of commercial driveways in the parking management zone of the city, the parking systems manager shall charge a permit fee as follows:

A. Each parcel shall be permitted one commercial driveway of not more than 20 feet in width without the payment of a fee if that driveway provides access to more than 10 parking spaces.

B. In the case of all commercial driveways other than those described in subsection (A) of this section, the fee shall be set by the city council. [Ord. 2009-08-053; Ord. 10610 § 3, 1995; Ord. 8759 § 4, 1979].

13.56.050 Misdemeanors.

It is a misdemeanor for the owner of any parcel served by a commercial driveway in a metered parking zone to:

A. Fail to obtain a license therefor, or to fail to pay a fee when required each year; or

B. Fail to restore the curbing, or otherwise barricade a disused or abandoned commercial driveway. [Ord. 8759 § 5, 1979].

13.56.060 Abatement of abandoned commercial driveways.

Any commercial driveway located in the parking management zone that has become abandoned or has fallen into disuse, or any commercial driveway in the parking management zone on which the annual fee is not paid to the parking systems division by the thirty-first day of January of each year, shall be declared to be forfeited, and the city may, upon due notice to the owner of the property or properties served by such driveway, replace the driveway with curb and sidewalk. [Ord. 10610 § 4, 1995; Ord. 8759 § 6, 1979].

13.56.070 Administration, enforcement, and appeals.

The parking systems division shall administer this chapter. Enforcement and issuance of citations shall be by regularly appointed inspectors or law enforcement officers of the following city departments:

A. Department of planning;

B. Department of public works;

C. Any governmental agency having authority to enforce the building codes;

D. Legal department; and

E. Police department.

Appeals arising from denials of permits or forfeiture determinations pursuant to this chapter shall be heard by the hearing examiner. [Ord. 2002-10-069 § 29; Ord. 10610 § 5, 1995; Ord. 8579 § 7, 1979].