Chapter 17.05


17.05.010    Purpose.

17.05.010 Purpose.

Chapters 17.10 and 17.20 BMC are enacted as an exercise of the police power of the city for the benefit of the public at large. No chapter is intended to create a special relationship with any individual, or individuals, nor to identify and protect any particular class of persons. The purpose of these chapters is to provide minimum standards to safeguard life or limb, health or property, construction and public welfare, by regulating and controlling building and related work thereto. It is not the intent of any chapter to impose liability upon the city for failure to perform any discretionary act. Rather, it is the intent of these chapters to place the obligation of complying with the requirements upon the owner and/or contractor. Nothing contained in any chapter shall be construed to relieve from or to lessen the responsibility or liability of any person or persons for injury or damage to persons or property caused by or resulting from any defect of any nature in any construction work performed by said person or construction equipment owned, controlled, operated or used by the contractor; nor shall the city, or any officer, agent, or employee thereof incur or be held as assuming any liability by reason or in consequence of any permission, certificate of inspection, inspection or approval authorized herein, or issued or given as herein provided, or by reasons or consequence of any things done or acts performed pursuant to the provisions of any chapter. [Ord. 2010-06-036].