Chapter 18.20


18.20.010    Conformance with title required.

18.20.020    Conformance with preliminary plat.

18.20.030    Legal description.

18.20.040    Covenants.

18.20.050    Plat certificate.

18.20.060    Dedication of public lands.

18.20.070    Land surveyor seal.

18.20.080    Health department approval.

18.20.090    City engineer approval.

18.20.095    Parks and recreation department approval.

18.20.110    Finance director approval.

18.20.120    Director of planning and community development action.

18.20.135    Inspection fee.

18.20.140    Filing with county auditor.

18.20.150    Copy furnished by subdivider.

18.20.010 Conformance with title required.

Prior to submission of a final plat for approval, the plat shall conform in all respects to the design standards and improvements requirements specified in this chapter. Submission of the final plat, together with all required data in BMC 18.20.030 through 18.20.120, shall be submitted to the planning and community development director. [Ord. 2004-09-065; Ord. 10833 § 1, 1997; Ord. 9352 § 5, 1984; Code 1980 at § 18.20.010].

18.20.020 Conformance with preliminary plat.

The final plat shall conform to the preliminary plat design; however, slight deviations may be allowed by the technical review committee if they determine such deviations are necessary because of unforeseen technical problems and that the change will result in a better plat. [Ord. 10833 § 1, 1997; Code 1980 at § 18.20.020].

18.20.030 Legal description.

A complete legal description shall be shown in its entirety on the face of the plat. The plat shall be accompanied by a complete survey of the section or sections in which the plat or replat is located, or as much thereof as may be necessary to properly orient the plat within such section or sections, and showing relationship to abutting plats and properties. The plat and section survey shall be submitted with descriptions of the same and the actual traverse showing errors of closure and method of balancing. A work sheet showing all distances, bearings, and other related calculations required to determine corners and distances of the plat shall accompany this data. The allowable plat map error of closure shall not exceed one foot in 10,000 feet. Basis of bearing shall be shown based upon a line between two found monuments, and they shall be shown on the plat, together with description of found monuments and bearing distance between them. Bearings shall be listed to nearest second and distances to be listed to nearest one-hundredth of a foot.

For every existing monument used in control for plat boundary, and new plat monuments on existing street rights-of-way, there shall be a minimum of three direct measurement distances to substantial reference points (nail and shiner, iron pipe, etc.). These measurements may be submitted on three-inch-by-five-inch tie cards furnished by the city. [Ord. 10833 § 1, 1997; Code 1980 at § 18.20.030].

18.20.040 Covenants.

A copy of any covenants which are drafted in conjunction with or as a result of a plat shall accompany the final plat and shall become a part of it. Said covenants shall be recorded with the final plat. A recorded copy of the covenant shall be submitted to the department of planning and community development. [Ord. 10833 § 1, 1997; Code 1980 at § 18.20.040].

18.20.050 Plat certificate.

A current plat certificate or subdivision guarantee by a recognized title company shall accompany the final plat upon submission to the city council for approval. “Current” shall be construed as no older than seven days. [Ord. 10833 § 1, 1997; Code 1980 at § 18.20.050].

18.20.060 Dedication of public lands.

The face of the plat shall contain a dedication of all lands to be conveyed to the public, which shall be signed by the legal property owners. The signatures of the owners shall be acknowledged by a notary public. [Ord. 10833 § 1, 1997; Code 1980 at § 18.20.060].

18.20.070 Land surveyor seal.

The survey of the proposed subdivision and preparation of the plat shall be made by or under the supervision of a registered land surveyor who shall certify on the plat that it is a true and correct representation of the lands actually surveyed. [Ord. 10833 § 1, 1997; Code 1980 at § 18.20.070].

18.20.080 Health department approval.

The plat shall be accompanied by a recommendation from the local health department and/or the city public works department as to the adequacy of the proposed means of sewage disposal and water supply. [Ord. 10833 § 1, 1997; Ord. 9550 § 20, 1986; Code 1980 at § 18.20.080].

18.20.090 City engineer approval.

Each final plat shall be checked and approved by the city engineer. If the final plat contains more than one sheet, there shall be a city engineer’s certificate on each sheet. [Ord. 10833 § 1, 1997; Code 1980 at § 18.20.090].

18.20.095 Parks and recreation department approval.

Each final plat shall contain a signature block for the director of the parks and recreation department when land within the subdivision is being dedicated to the city of Bellingham parks and recreation department. [Ord. 10833 § 1, 1997].

18.20.110 Finance director approval.

Each plat shall contain the certification of the city finance director that all filing fees, city taxes, and assessments and other fees for which the property may be liable have been paid. Applicable segregation of local improvement district applications must be submitted prior to finance director approval. Also, in order to keep the capital improvements costs of the city’s utility systems current, the following estimated or actual costs will be submitted to the city’s accounting division before the city treasurer shall approve the final plat:

A. Water mains – Total costs, labor, equipment, and materials, with sizes and number of feet.

B. Hydrants – Give number put in, size and cost.

C. Storm sewer – Total cost with size and number of feet.

D. Sanitary sewer – Total cost with size and number of feet.

E. Streets – Total cost and number of feet put in.

F. Sidewalks and curbs – Total cost. [Ord. 10833 § 1, 1997; Ord. 9550 § 21, 1986].

18.20.120 Director of planning and community development action.

Final plat applications shall follow the procedures in Chapter 21.10 BMC. [Ord. 2004-09-065; Ord. 10833 § 1, 1997; Ord. 9352 § 5, 1984; Code 1980 at § 18.20.120].

18.20.135 Inspection fee.

A basic fee as established by council resolution is hereby imposed to defray the city’s costs of field checking, plan review, and public service inspection of sewer mains, water mains, street installation, and other required public work improvements. [Ord. 10833 § 1, 1997].

18.20.140 Filing with county auditor.

The final approved plat shall be filed for record with the county auditor in compliance with state and county laws and regulations. [Ord. 10833 § 1, 1997; Code 1980 at § 18.20.140].

18.20.150 Copy furnished by subdivider.

In accordance with the state law and with regulations of this title, the subdivider shall, without cost to the city, furnish the city with one permanent reproducible copy, mylar or better quality, of the final plat as filed. [Ord. 10833 § 1, 1997; Code 1980 at § 18.20.150].