Article II


2.01    Elective City Officers

2.02    Terms Of Elected Officials

2.03    Councilmen – Nomination And Election

2.04    Procedure For Elections – State Election Laws

2.05    Eligibility To Hold Elective Office

2.06    Elected Officers – Vacancies

2.07    Forfeiture Of Office

2.08    Pro Tempore Appointments

2.09    Mayor’s Salary

2.01 Elective City Officers

The elective officers of the City shall be the Mayor and 7 Council Members. All elective officers shall be elected at municipal general elections by majority vote from the City at large.

[Amended April 18, 2008 (Ord. 2008-04-033); November 7, 2006; November 5, 1985; November 3, 1981]

2.02 Terms Of Elected Officials

The term of the Mayor shall be 4 years. The terms of the 6 Council Members to be elected by wards shall be 4 years. The term of the Council Member to be elected at Large shall be 2 years. The terms of Council Members shall be so staggered that 3 ward Council Members and the Council Member-at-Large shall be elected at each municipal general election.

[Amended April 18, 2008 (Ord. 2008-04-033), and November 7, 2006]

2.03 Councilmen – Nomination And Election

The members of the City Council, except the Councilman-at-large, shall be nominated and elected as follows: The qualified electors of each ward, and they only, shall nominate from their own number 2 candidates for the office of Council Member. The nominee receiving the highest number of votes from the City at large, at the next municipal general election for the office of Council Member for the ward in which he resides, shall be declared duly elected. The Council Member-at-Large shall be nominated and elected from the City at large.

[Amended April 18, 2008 (Ord. 2008-04-033), November 5, 1985, and November 3, 1981]

2.04 Procedure For Elections – State Election Laws

All municipal elections shall be governed by the procedure for elections as prescribed in the laws of the State of Washington.

2.05 Eligibility To Hold Elective Office

To be eligible to hold elective office the person must be a registered voter of the City and a resident of the City for one year next preceding the election. Residence and voting within the limits of any territory which has been included in, annexed to, or consolidated with the City is construed to have been residence within the City.

No City elected officer shall hold any other office or employment within the City government.

[Ord. 2008-04-033]

2.06 Elected Officers – Vacancies

Should a vacancy occur in the office of any City elected official pursuant to the provisions of state law or this Charter, that vacancy shall be filled under the provisions of this section.

A vacancy in the office of any City elected official shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term, if any, at the next municipal general election; but the Council, or the remaining members thereof, by majority vote, shall appoint a qualified registered voter to fill the vacancy until the person elected to serve the remainder of the unexpired term takes office. A vacancy in a ward council position shall be filled by the appointment of a qualified registered voter of that ward.

If at any time the membership of the Council is reduced below the number required for a quorum because of vacancies therein, the remaining members, nevertheless, by majority action, may appoint additional members to fill the vacancies until persons are elected to serve the remainder of the unexpired term.

If, after 30 days have passed since the occurrence of a vacancy, the Council is unable to agree upon a person to be appointed to fill a vacancy in the Council, the Mayor shall make the appointment from among the persons nominated by members of the Council.

2.07 Forfeiture Of Office

The office of any elected City official shall be forfeited if the official ceases to have the qualifications prescribed for such office by this Charter or state law, or has been declared mentally incompetent by a court of competent jurisdiction. A Council Member shall forfeit the office for failure to attend 3 consecutive regular meetings of the Council without being excused by the Council. If a ward is redistricted and as a result thereof the residence of that ward’s Council Member falls outside the redistricted ward boundaries, the representative ward Council Member shall not forfeit the office.

Ward Council Members who move outside the ward in which they were elected with more than 12 months remaining in the term shall forfeit the office.

[Amended April 18, 2008 (Ord. 2008-04-033) and November 3, 1981]

2.08 Pro Tempore Appointments

Biennially at the first meeting of a new Council, or periodically, the members thereof, by majority vote, may designate one of their number as Mayor Pro Tempore for such period as the Council may specify; or, in lieu thereof, the Council may appoint any qualified person to serve as Mayor Pro Tempore.

The Mayor Pro Tempore shall hold office at the pleasure of the Council, and in case of the absence or temporary disability of the Mayor, perform the duties of Mayor. The Mayor Pro Tempore shall not have the power to appoint or remove any officer, or to veto any acts of the City Council.

[Amended April 18, 2008 (Ord. 2008-04-033)]

2.09 Mayor’s Salary

The Mayor’s salary should at no time be less than that of the highest paid City official or employee.