2001 Resolutions


Resolution To Set A Public Hearing Date On January 9, 2002 Before The Hearing Examiner For Consideration Of The Vacation Of Portions Of Nevada And Lopez Streets And Abutting Alleys Associated With The Cedar Ridge Subdivision.


A Resolution Fixing The Times And Dates Of The 2002 Regular Meetings Of The Bellingham City Council Beginning January 7, 2002.


A Resolution Approving Acceptance Of The Donation Of A Parcel Of Approximately 20 Wooded Acres Located North Of The Bonneville Power Transmission Right-Of-Way In The Lake Whatcom Watershed.


A Resolution Commending Leslie Langdon For Her Service On The Bellingham City Council.


A Resolution Relating To Authorizing The City To Modify The Solid Waste And Curbside Collection Of Recyclables Agreement With Sanitary Service Company.


Resolution Establishing Fees And Charges For The Lake Padden Golf Course.


A Resolution Approving The Disposition Of The Property By Special Process And Authorizing The Mayor To Enter Into A Memorandum Of Understanding, Development And Disposition Agreement And Lease Agreement.


A Resolution Adopting The 2002 Action Plan.


Cancellation Of Stale-Dated Checks Per RCW 39.56.040 And RCW 63.29.


Designating application agent for Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Application, FEMA 1361-DR-WA, Nisqually Earthquake


Modification of the 2001 Action Plan of the Bellingham 1998-2002 Consolidated Plan, the use of Community Development Block Grant Funds and Home Investment Partnership Program funds, and directing the Mayor to submit the modification of the 1998-2002 Consolidated Plan to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development


Consideration of a Resolution denouncing terrorism and hate crimes.


Consideration Of Final Plat Approval For Division 2 Of The Plat Of Orchard Estates. Area 1, Mt. Baker Neighborhood. Orchard Estates LLC, Applicant. Associated Project Consultants, Agent.


A Resolution Authorizing Rules For The Reimbursement Of City Related Travel Expenses


A Multi-Family Tax Exemption Contract - 201 E. Holly Street (Flame Tavern)


Increase False Alarm Fees


Gap in records: Joint Resolution Of Whatcom County, The City Of Bellingham, And Whatcom County Water District 10 Adopting Criteria For Identifying High Priority Areas For Land Preservation In The Lake Whatcom Watershed. Per Water District #10 8/30/01 minutes, the Water District declined approval of the Joint Resolution and it was therefore never fully executed.


Adoption Of Design Guidelines For Residential Development.


Adoption Of Application Fees For Design Review


A Resolution Setting The Date And Time Of Public Hearing For Consideration Of The Vacation A Portion Of The Lenora Court Right-Of-Way, Located Within Area 5 Of The Happy Valley Neighborhood.


Draft Resolution Adopting An Overall Site Plan For Areas 13 And 16 Of The Roosevelt Neighborhood Plan And Area 12 Of The Mount Baker Neighborhood Plan.


Grant Application Authorization For Sunnyland Neighborhood Park


Grant Application Authorization For Woodlands Neighborhood Park In The Edgemoor Neighborhood


Public Hearing To Consider Six-Year Transportation Capital Improvement Program 2002-2007; 2002 Transportation Impact Fee Rates


Resolution Setting A Hearing Date For The Vacation Of An Alley Southwest Of Samish And Consolidation.


A Resolution Fixing Time For Hearing On Adoption Of A Six Year Transportation Capital Improvement Plan.


A Resolution Continuing A Greenway Committee


Consideration Of Final Plat Approval Of Lazy E Ranch, Division 1A, Consisting Of 20 Single Family Cluster Lots. Area 4, Samish Neighborhood. Greenbriar Construction, Applicant.


Resolution To Set A Public Hearing Date Of May 9, 2001 Before The Hearing Examiner For Consideration Of The Vacation Of Lincoln Street Between Sunset Drive And East Indiana Street. Areas 13 And 16, Roosevelt Neighborhood.


A Resolution Of The City Of Bellingham Amending The Title Of The "Bicycle Advisory Committee" To The "Bicycle And Pedestrian Advisory Committee."


Resolution Establishing A 401 Money Purchase Plan For Retirement Savings By Employees.


Consideration Of Final Plat Approval For Division 2 Of The Plat Of Pacific Trail. Area 5, Roosevelt Neighborhood. Roosevelt Homeland, Applicant.


A Resolution Of The City Of Bellingham Terminating That Certain Lease Agreement Entered Into October 12, 1983 Between The City And Sumas Mountain Power Company And Its Successor In Interest, STS Hydropower, Ltd.


Report Of Real Estate Committee Regarding Status Of City-Owned Property, 128 E. Holly (Former Mason Building Site)


A Resolution Of The City Of Bellingham Declaring That An Emergency Existed Re The Mt. Baker Theatre Boiler System Justifying An Exemption From The Formal Bid Process.


A Resolution Of Whatcom County, City Of Bellingham, Whatcom County Fire Districts, And Other County Municipalities, Supporting the Creation Of A Strategic Plan For Future Delivery Of Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Services In Whatcom County


Barkley Boulevard LID Segregation For Plat Of Barkley Grove


Consideration Of Final Plat Approval Of Barkley Grove, A 19 Lot Single Family Subdivision. Area 9, Mt. Baker Neighborhood.


Consideration Of Final Plat Approval For Division 1 Of The Plat Of Orchard Estates, Area 1, Mt. Baker Neighborhood. Orchard Estates, LLC, Applicant.


2001 City Council Calendar Of Meeting Dates