Chapter 2.40


2.40.010    Established – Composition – Appointment.

2.40.020    Investigatory and subpoena powers – Hearing records.

2.40.030    Hearings on complaints – Reports for prosecution.

2.40.040    Rules and regulations – Meeting scheduling.

2.40.010 Established – Composition – Appointment.

A. There is established a fair housing board to consist of three members to investigate complaints under this chapter. The members shall be appointed by the city council pursuant to Chapter 2.08 BMC, as adopted and amended.

B. At the next regular meeting of the fair housing board following the effective date of the ordinance codified in this section, the commissioners presently in office shall determine by lot whose terms shall expire in four years, three years and two years, respectively. Thereafter, the term of office for each appointive member shall be four years. The board shall determine which member shall serve as chairperson. (Ord. 2025 § 2, 1991; Ord. 2020 § 2, 1991; Ord. 1542 § 2(a), 1979; prior code § 2-702(A))

2.40.020 Investigatory and subpoena powers – Hearing records.

The board shall have all powers necessary to investigate complaints, including subpoena and calling of witnesses. Records shall be kept of all hearings. (Ord. 1542 § 2(b), 1979; prior code § 2-702(B))

2.40.030 Hearings on complaints – Reports for prosecution.

Upon a complaint being filed, the board shall conduct such hearings as it deems necessary to make a determination. The board, if it determines probable cause exists to state that a violation has taken place, shall issue a report to the city attorney for prosecution. (Ord. 1542 § 2(c), 1979; prior code § 2-702(C))

2.40.040 Rules and regulations – Meeting scheduling.

The board shall have the power to adopt its own rules and regulations together with meeting schedules. (Ord. 1542 § 3, 1979; prior code § 2-703)