Chapter 12.33


12.33.010    Street trees.

12.33.010 Street trees.

When authorized by the public works department, pruning and other maintenance will be to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) tree care standards. Removal, pruning, or topping of any street tree is prohibited without approval by the city engineer. Any person convicted of unauthorized pruning or removal of street trees will be subject to a penalty pursuant to BMC 12.34.030. If violation warrants replacement of street tree(s), the violator shall be responsible at their sole expense for the in-kind replacement to the closest extent possible of the street tree(s) and any other repairs to the city property to the satisfaction of the public works director, in addition to any penalties. The required replacement of any of the said street tree(s) and repairs will be completed within 30 days of a conviction, or within an acceptable schedule to the public works director due to poor working conditions such as cold weather. If the required work is not competed within 30 days or the agreed upon schedule, the city will perform the work at the violator’s expense. Tree replacements shall be warranted for one year after replacement is completed. (Ord. 2806 § 2, 2011)