Chapter 15.16


15.16.010    Definitions.

15.16.020    Permit – Application – Plans approval.

15.16.030    Fee for permit.

15.16.040    Safety devices.

15.16.050    Setbacks.

15.16.060    Enforcement.

15.16.070    Violation – Penalty.

15.16.010 Definitions.

For the purposes of this chapter, certain terms are defined in this section:

A. “Private” means not open to the public, not publicly owned or otherwise regulated by the state, either by statute or by rules or regulations of one of its administrative bodies.

B. “Swimming pool” means any artificially constructed, nonportable pool capable of being used for swimming or bathing, having a depth of two feet or more at any point. (Ord. 1516 § 1, 1978; prior code § 4-601)

15.16.020 Permit – Application – Plans approval.

A permit shall be applied for and issued from the community development services department before construction begins on any swimming pool. The application for the permit shall be accompanied by a complete and detailed set of plans and specifications of the swimming pool. Before any permit shall be issued such plans and specification shall be approved by both the community development services department and the health department and before any swimming pool shall be used a final inspection and approval must be had from both departments. (Ord. 2728 § 2 (Exh. A), 2009; Ord. 1516 § 2(a), 1978; prior code § 4-602(A))

15.16.030 Fee for permit.

All applications for a permit shall be accompanied by a permit fee to be computed from the valuation of the pool from U.B.C. standard fees, current edition. (Ord. 1516 § 2(b), 1978; prior code § 4-602(B))

15.16.040 Safety devices.

A. The entire area shall be fenced so that small children cannot enter the area used for bathers.

B. Fences shall be of wood, masonry, concrete or wire, not less than five feet in height, with no opening therein, other than doors and gates, larger than three inches square.

C. All gates or doors opening through such enclosure shall be equipped with a self-closing and self-locking device designed to keep, and capable of keeping, such gates or doors securely closed at all times when not in actual use; and all latches shall be placed at least four and one-half feet above the ground and shall be made inaccessible to children of tender years from the outside; provided, however, that the door to any dwelling occupied by human beings and forming any part of the enclosure required in this subsection need not be so equipped.

D. Such fencing and latches shall be installed prior to the filling of the pool with water for use.

E. All existing swimming pools shall comply with the provisions of this section within six months of the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter. Swimming pools which do not conform as to this section within the time specified in this section are declared to be a public nuisance and public hazard, and the owner and/or occupant in possession of the premises upon which the same exists shall be subject to the penalties prescribed in this chapter. (Ord. 1516 § 3, 1978; prior code § 4-603)

15.16.050 Setbacks.

All swimming pools, portable or permanent, shall be placed so as to observe the following setbacks:

A. Eight feet to the rear property line;

B. Eight feet to the side property lines;

C. Ten feet to the house or detached garage or other structures;

D. No swimming pool shall be located closer than six feet to the front building line of the house and in no case shall a swimming pool be located between the front property line and the house;

E. Corner lots shall observe the same requirements on the side street as for the front. (Ord. 1516 § 3, 1978; prior code § 4-604)

15.16.060 Enforcement.

The building official is charged with the duty of enforcing this chapter and determining whether or not the provisions and requirements of this chapter have been complied with. (Ord. 1516 § 4, 1978; prior code § 4-605)

15.16.070 Violation – Penalty.

Any person, firm or corporation who violates any of the provisions of this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine in any sum not to exceed $300.00, or by imprisonment for a term not to exceed 90 days, or by both such fine and imprisonment. (Ord. 1516 § 5, 1978)