Chapter 15.24


15.24.010    Adoption.

15.24.020    Copies on file.

15.24.030    Administration.

15.24.040    Funding.

15.24.010 Adoption.

The city does adopt the Northwest Energy Code, which includes the Model Conservation Standards Equivalent Code Amendments to the Model Energy Code, a technical appendix, additional indoor air quality requirements (as set forth in the solicitation), and conversion standards as the same may be modified from time to time, regulating the erection, construction, enlargement, alteration, repair, moving, conversion, occupancy, equipment and maintenance of all buildings or structures within the city or served by the Blaine electric utility. (Ord. 1877 § 1, 1988)

15.24.020 Copies on file.

That certain documents compiling Northwest Energy Code, three copies each of which are on file and are open for inspection to the public shall be maintained in the office of the city clerk, being marked and designated as:

A. The Model Conservation Equivalent Code amendments to the Model Energy Code as the same may be amended and modified from time to time.

B. The Model Conservation Standards Equivalent Code Technical Appendix as the same may be amended from time to time.

C. The Conversion Standards as the same may be amended and modified from time to time. (Ord. 1877 § 2, 1988)

15.24.030 Administration.

The Northwest Energy Code will be administered within accordance with Chapters 1, 2. and 3 of the current adopted edition of the Uniform Building Code. (Ord. 1877 § 3, 1988)

15.24.040 Funding.

Should reimbursement funds furnished by the Bonneville Power Administration or other appropriate agency be discontinued, or otherwise determined to be inadequate to cover those incremental costs or maintain economic feasibility for the homeowner with implementation of the Northwest Energy Code, the adoption and application of the code shall become null and void and the Washington State Energy Code, as promulgated according to statute by the State Building Code Council shall become effective immediately. (Ord. 1877 § 4, 1988)