Chapter 17.112


17.112.010    Purpose.

17.112.020    Definitions.

17.112.030    Class designation.

17.112.040    Application, review and approval procedure for manufactured homes.

17.112.050    Allowed uses.

17.112.060    Appeals.

17.112.010 Purpose.

The intent of this chapter is to assure that the siting of manufactured homes in the city of Blaine is harmonious with the surrounding residential uses and preserves the general character and integrity of residential neighborhoods. For the purposes of this code, the terms “mobile” and “manufactured” housing are synonymous. This chapter is not intended to address residential, commercial, or industrial use of manufactured homes in commercial or industrial districts. (Ord. 2673 § 2, 2007; Ord. 2609 § 2, 2005; Ord. 2554 § 3, 2003)

17.112.020 Definitions.

A. “Manufactured home (designated)” means a single-family dwelling unit constructed after June 15, 1976, in accordance with state and federal requirements for manufactured homes, which:

1. Is comprised of at least two fully enclosed parallel sections each of not less than 12 feet wide by 36 feet long; and

2. Was originally constructed with and now has a composition or wood shake or shingle, coated metal, or similar roof with not less than a 3:12 pitch; and

3. Has exterior siding similar in appearance, as determined by the building official, to siding materials commonly used on conventional site-built single-family dwellings built under the Uniform or International Building Code.

B. “New manufactured home” means any manufactured home required to be titled under RCW Title 46, which has not been previously titled to a retail purchaser, and is not a “used mobile home” as defined in RCW 82.45.032(2).

C. “Manufactured home park” means a residential use in which more than one manufactured home is located on a parcel of land under single ownership.

D. “Manufactured home subdivision” means a platted subdivision in which lots are dedicated for placement of manufactured homes on individually owned lots.

E. “Mobile home” means “manufactured home.”

F. “Modular home” or “factory-built housing” means a dwelling unit constructed in accordance with the standards set forth in the International Building Code and local codes applicable to site-built homes and composed of components substantially assembled in a manufacturing plant and transported to the building site for final assembly on a permanent foundation. Among other possibilities, a modular home may consist of two sections transported to the site in a manner similar to a manufactured home, or a series of panels or room sections transported on a truck and erected or joined together on the site. (Ord. 2609 § 2, 2005; Ord. 2554 § 3, 2003)

17.112.030 Class designation.

The director shall determine the classification of a manufactured home based on definition, architectural elevations or photographs of all sides of the home, exterior dimensions, roof slopes, exterior finish, and where appropriate, an inspection of the manufactured home. (Ord. 2609 § 2, 2005; Ord. 2554 § 3, 2003)

17.112.040 Application, review and approval procedure for manufactured homes.

A manufactured home may be approved through a normal building permit review process. (Ord. 2609 § 2, 2005; Ord. 2554 § 3, 2003)

17.112.050 Allowed uses.

A. A “designated manufactured home” may be installed as a single-family dwelling unit provided it meets all of the following conditions:

1. The home is a new manufactured home as defined in this chapter; and

2. The manufactured home is set upon a permanent foundation, and the space from the bottom of the home to the ground is enclosed by concrete or an approved concrete product which can be either load bearing or decorative; and

3. The manufactured home complies with any design standards applicable to all other homes within the neighborhood in which the manufactured home is to be located; and

4. The manufactured home complies with the state energy code; and

5. The manufactured home complies with all zoning, land use, and building regulations applicable to single-family dwelling units at the subject location, including, but not necessarily limited to, snow load, wind load, and seismic requirements.

B. This section does not override any legally recorded covenants or deed restrictions of record. (Ord. 2609 § 2, 2005; Ord. 2554 § 3, 2003)

17.112.060 Appeals.

Appeals of a final decision shall be submitted pursuant to BMC 17.06.180, Appeals. (Ord. 2673 § 2, 2007; Ord. 2609 § 2, 2005; Ord. 2554 § 3, 2003)