Chapter 17.136


17.136.050    Yard obstructions.

17.136.060    Appeals.

17.136.050 Yard obstructions.

A. Except as otherwise provided in this division, every required front, side and rear yard shall be open and unobstructed from the ground to the sky, except for trees and other natural growth. Prior to the issuing of a building permit for any primary or accessory structure, the administrator will examine a plot plan of the proposed development. The plot plan may be a sketch and need not be to scale, but it shall clearly indicate:

1. Dimensions and/or area of the lot;

2. Approximate location of existing structures on the lot;

3. Dimensions of the proposed structure and location by distance from front, side and rear property lines.

B. The administrator will ensure that the structure meets the yard and setback requirements of the district in which it is located. (Ord. 2554 § 3, 2003)

17.136.060 Appeals.

Appeals of a final decision shall be submitted pursuant to BMC 17.06.180, Appeals. (Ord. 2673 § 2, 2007)