Chapter 2.02


2.02.010    Adopted by reference – Copy on file.

2.02.020    Revisions.

2.02.030    Conflicting provisions.

2.02.010 Adopted by reference – Copy on file.

The city of Bonney Lake city council policies and procedures manual, hereafter referred to as “the council manual,” together with all revisions thereof, is adopted by reference as the official city council policies and procedures manual of the city of Bonney Lake; a copy of said manual is on file with the city clerk and available for public inspection. (Ord. 1707 § 2, 2023).

2.02.020 Revisions.

The council manual is intended to be a flexible and living document, to serve as a guide in the operation of the city council. It is understood that the council manual will necessarily require revisions and updating from time to time in order to remain effective in assisting city council and staff on council procedures to incorporate changes in state and local law, and for the purpose of guiding routine management decisions. Changes and revisions in the council manual shall be made as required and approved by the city council. (Ord. 1707 § 2, 2023).

2.02.030 Conflicting provisions.

To the extent that any of the policies or procedures in the council manual are inconsistent with ordinances of the city, the council manual shall control as to administrative and executive matters, and the ordinances shall control as to legislative matters. In the event that there is any uncertainty as to whether a matter is legislative versus administrative and executive, the mayor shall be empowered to determine its status; provided, that the city council may, by a vote of a majority of the city council plus one, countermand that determination. (Ord. 1707 § 2, 2023).