Chapter 2.24


2.24.010    Created.

2.24.020    Membership – Compensation – Requirements.

2.24.030    Membership – Term.

2.24.040    Membership – Removal from office.

2.24.050    Membership – Quorum.

2.24.060    Election of chair.

2.24.070    Secretary and chief examiner.

2.24.080    Duties.

2.24.010 Created.

There is created in the city a civil service commission, which shall be composed of three persons. (Ord. 283 § 1, 1968).

2.24.020 Membership – Compensation – Requirements.

The members of the civil service commission shall be appointed by the mayor, and shall serve without compensation. No person shall be appointed a member of the commission who is not a citizen of the United States, a resident of the city for at least three years immediately preceding such appointment, and an elector of the county. At the time of any appointment, not more than two commissioners shall be adherents of the same political party. (Ord. 283 § 2, 1968).

2.24.030 Membership – Term.

The term of office of civil service commissioners shall be for six years, except that the first three members of such commission shall be appointed for different terms, as follows: one to serve for a period of two years, one to serve for a period of four years, and one to serve for a period of six years. (Ord. 283 § 3, 1968).

2.24.040 Membership – Removal from office.

Any member of the commission may be removed from office for incompetency, incompatibility or dereliction of duty, or malfeasance in office or other good cause; provided, however, that no member of the commission may be removed from office until charges have been preferred, in writing, due notice and a full hearing had. (Ord. 283 § 4, 1968).

2.24.050 Membership – Quorum.

The members of such commission shall devote due time and attention to the performance of the duties specified in this chapter. Two members of such commission shall constitute a quorum and the votes of any two members of such commission concurring shall be sufficient for the decision of all matters and the transaction of all business to be decided or to be transacted by the commission pursuant to this chapter and the laws of the state. (Ord. 283 § 5, 1968).

2.24.060 Election of chair.

Immediately after appointment, the commission shall organize by electing one of its members chair, and hold regular meetings at least once a month and such additional meetings as may be required for the proper discharge of their duties. (Ord. 1709 § 4, 2023; Ord. 283 § 6, 1968).

2.24.070 Secretary and chief examiner.

The commission shall appoint a secretary and chief examiner, who shall keep the records of the commission, preserve all reports made to it, superintend and keep a record of all examinations held under its direction, and perform such other duties as the commission may prescribe. The secretary and chief examiner shall be appointed as a result of competitive examination, which examination shall be open to all qualified persons as the commission may decide. The secretary and chief examiner may be subject to suspension, reduction or discharge in the same manner and subject to the same limitations as are provided in the case of members of the police department. (Ord. 1186 § 1, 2006; Ord. 283 § 7, 1968).

2.24.080 Duties.

The civil service commission shall have all the duties and obligations required and provided by the Laws of the State of Washington of 1937, RCW 41.12.040, as the same is or may now hereafter be amended. (Ord. 283 § 8, 1968).