Chapter 2.36


2.36.010    Intent.

2.36.020    Authority of mayor and clerk.

2.36.030    Payroll deductions and payments into contribution fund.

2.36.040    Continued implementation of system.

2.36.010 Intent.

The city shall become a participant in the Social Security System and the benefits of Old Age and Survivors’ Insurance shall be extended to its employees and officers. (Ord. 237 § 1, 1967).

2.36.020 Authority of mayor and clerk.

The mayor and the city clerk are authorized to execute and deliver to the Washington Department of Employment Security, for its approval, the plan or plans required under the provisions of Section 5 of such enabling act and of the Social Security Act, to extend coverage to the employees and officers of this municipality and to do all other things necessary to that end. (Ord. 237 § 2, 1967).

2.36.030 Payroll deductions and payments into contribution fund.

The officer as may be designated by the mayor is authorized to make all required payments into the contribution fund established by the enabling act, and to establish such system of payroll deductions from the salaries of employees and officers as may be necessary to their coverage under the Old Age and Survivors’ Insurance System. (Ord. 237 § 3, 1967).

2.36.040 Continued implementation of system.

Such officials of the municipality shall do all things necessary to the continued implementation of such system. (Ord. 237 § 4, 1967).