Chapter 2.60


2.60.010    Title.

2.60.020    Purpose.

2.60.030    Membership.

2.60.040    Terms of office.

2.60.050    Responsibilities.

2.60.060    Design commission bylaws.

2.60.010 Title.

There is hereby created an advisory committee to be called the design commission. (Ord. 893 § 1, 2001).

2.60.020 Purpose.

The purposes of the design commission shall be to provide advice to the planning department and planning agency on the application of the relevant zoning regulations and the design and development guidelines, to provide advice, as requested on issues related to design, and to advocate quality design through education, promotion, and other means, as may be appropriate. (Ord. 893 § 2, 2001).

2.60.030 Membership.

The design commission shall be composed of seven members. It is preferred that as many of the members as possible shall be practicing professionals within the fields of architecture, planning, civil engineering, landscape architecture, and development. Appointments shall strive to achieve as great a diversity within these fields as possible. No fewer than five members of the design commission shall be residents of the city of Bonney Lake. All members shall be appointed by the mayor. (Ord. 1271 § 1, 2008; Ord. 893 § 3, 2001).

2.60.040 Terms of office.

The members shall serve three-year terms, with initial terms staggered so that not more than three terms expire in any one year. In the event of a vacancy, the mayor shall appoint a successor for the unexpired portion of the term. (Ord. 1213 § 6, 2006; Ord. 893 § 4, 2001).

2.60.050 Responsibilities.

The responsibilities of the design commission shall be as provided for in the purpose section of this chapter. The actions of the commission shall be governed by all applicable sections of the municipal code and state law. (Ord. 893 § 5, 2001).

2.60.060 Design commission bylaws.

The design commission shall adopt bylaws to govern the running of the design commission meetings. The design commission shall provide the council with a copy of their required bylaws and shall also be responsible for providing updated copies as amended. (Ord. 1626 § 1, 2019).