Chapter 9.09


9.09.010    Interference with utility meters.

9.09.010 Interference with utility meters.

A. Every person shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor who, with intent to injure or defraud, shall:

1. Break or deface the seal of any gas, electric, steam or water meter; or

2. Obstruct, alter, injure or prevent the action of any meter or other instrument used to measure or register the quantity of gas, electricity, steam or water supplied to a consumer thereof; or

3. Make any connections by means of a wire, pipe, conduit or otherwise with any wire, main or pipe used for the delivery of gas, electricity, steam or water to a consumer thereof in such manner as to take gas, electricity, steam or water from such wire, main or pipe without its passage through the meter or other instrument provided for registering the amount or quantity consumed; or use any gas, electricity, steam or water so obtained; or

4. Make any connection or reconnection with such wire, main or pipe, or turn on or off, or in any manner interfere with any valve, stopcock or other appliances connected therewith; or

5. Prevent by the erection of any device or construction, or by any other means, free access to any meter or other instrument for registering or measuring the amount of gas, electricity, steam or water consumed, or interfere with, obstruct or prevent by any means the reading or inspection or removal of such meter or instrument, by any person, company, or corporation owning the same.

B. For the purposes described in this section, the existence of any device or construction or other means to free access to water, gas, steam or electricity on any property shall be prima facie evidence of attempt to injure or defraud by the resident at the location where such device, construction or means exists. (Ord. 1444 § 1, 2012).