Chapter 9.15


9.15.010    Drug enforcement fund.

9.15.020    Drug enforcement fund – Funding and required contribution.

9.15.030    Unexpended funds.

9.15.010 Drug enforcement fund.

There is created within the general fund budget of the city a separate line item to be known as “drug enforcement fund.” Moneys deposited in this line item shall be used for funding police and administration of justice projects and activities geared towards investigation, including but not limited to activities related to criminal activity, detection and arrest of criminal offenders, obtaining evidence for prosecution of criminal cases, filing of cases, return of fugitive felons from other jurisdictions, testimony in court cases, recovery of lost and stolen property, missing persons, general police activities responding to and addressing the effects of crime within the community, and any other purposes geared towards drug-related criminal enforcement. (Ord. 1444 § 1, 2012).

9.15.020 Drug enforcement fund – Funding and required contribution.

A. In any case where an accused has been convicted, receives a conditional dismissal or a deferred sentence of any drug-related crime, there shall be, in addition to any fine levied, a penalty in the amount of $100.00, per charge, which penalty shall be nonsuspendable and/or not waivable and which shall be deposited into the drug enforcement fund line item. The fact that this penalty is imposed on each charge shall not in any way reduce the obligation of the accused to pay any other cost, fine or penalty prescribed by the court.

B. For purposes of subsection A of this section, a “conviction” shall mean a deferred prosecution, deferred sentence, or guilty finding.

C. Any moneys collected by the Bonney Lake municipal court pursuant to the terms of this section shall be deposited into the fund described under BLMC 9.15.010. (Ord. 1444 § 1, 2012).

9.15.030 Unexpended funds.

Any unexpended funds remaining in the drug enforcement fund, emergency response fund pursuant to RCW 38.52.430, and domestic violence assessment pursuant to RCW 10.99.080 at the end of any budget year shall not be transferred to the general fund of the city or otherwise lapse; rather, the unexpended funds shall be carried forward from year to year until expended for the purposes set forth in this chapter. (Ord. 1444 § 1, 2012).