Chapter 12.28


12.28.010    City ownership.

12.28.020    Installation of street lights as condition of subdivision.

12.28.030    City installation of street lights.

12.28.040    Private street lights.

12.28.050    Public street lights.

12.28.060    City records.

12.28.010 City ownership.

A. It is the general policy of the city that street lights located on public streets or within public rights-of-way be owned and operated by the city, and that where such lights are currently privately owned, they should be transferred to city ownership.

B. The terms and conditions of the transfer to the city of particular privately owned street lights located on public streets or within public rights-of-way is subject to determination and approval by the city. Once transferred to city ownership, the city may elect to continue to operate such street lights, in which case the city shall assume all responsibility for operation and maintenance, or the city may elect to decommission such street lights. (Ord. 1096 § 2, 2005).

12.28.020 Installation of street lights as condition of subdivision.

Installation of street lights as a condition of subdivision of property is required and governed by BLMC 17.50.080. (Ord. 1580 § 9, 2017; Ord. 1096 § 3, 2005).

12.28.030 City installation of street lights.

A. It is the policy of the city to install street lights on all city streets. In general, city-installed street lights will be located at interior intersections, cul-de-sacs, at the apex of sharp curves, and dead-end streets serving more than three homes.

B. The timing and placement of street lights on city streets is at the discretion of the city.

C. Should the city, in its discretion, approve installation of street lighting in response to a request for additional street lighting on existing public residential streets not associated with a subdivision application, the installation of such lighting will follow the location standards set forth in this section but will be consistent with the existing pole and light head standard of the subdivision unless otherwise approved by the public works director.

D. City installation of street lights in conjunction with a transportation project identified in the capital facilities plan upon which transportation impact fees are based will generally be funded with transportation impact fees pursuant to BLMC 19.04.080 through 19.04.090. City installation of street lights not in conjunction with such a project will generally be funded out of the general fund. (Ord. 1096 § 4, 2005).

12.28.040 Private street lights.

Street lights on or along private alleys, roads or streets, on private property, or not otherwise within a public right-of-way, shall be privately owned and operated. The owner of such private street lights shall be responsible for their operation and maintenance, and city funds shall not be expended for such purposes. (Ord. 1096 § 5, 2005).

12.28.050 Public street lights.

All street lights owned by the city, either through dedication, transfer from private ownership to public ownership, or city installation, shall be operated and maintained by the city at city expense, subject to the city’s discretion to decommission such street lights at any time should it determine that to be in the best interests of the city. (Ord. 1096 § 6, 2005).

12.28.060 City records.

A. The city shall maintain records detailing the current number and location of streetlights on public roads that are not under city ownership. The city shall actively pursue transferring ownership of such lights.

B. Upon transfer of ownership the city shall mail each property owner in the affected area a notice stating that the streetlights have been transferred to the city and include detail on whom to contact should there be any maintenance needs. The city shall keep a record of such mailings for two years. (Ord. 1096 § 7, 2005).


Code reviser’s note: Ordinance 1096 adds the provisions of this chapter as Chapter 12.24. The chapter has been editorially renumbered to prevent duplication of numbering.