Chapter 14.105


14.105.010    Purpose.

14.105.020    Procedure.

14.105.010 Purpose.

Large commercial or multifamily development proposals sometimes require major administrative decisions and interpretations regarding permitted uses, critical areas, access, traffic mitigation, SEPA determination, and other site planning factors. Such administrative actions may be needed before project feasibility can be determined and before building footprints can be identified. The purpose of the optional site plan approval process before the building permit process is to allow developers to resolve site planning issues before preparing building plans, and to provide the applicant with certainty at a key point in the land development process. A site plan approval is especially helpful for phased development proposals such as shopping centers in which “pads” are sold to subsequent developers. The purpose is to allow the site plan approval process as an optional extra step. (Ord. 1244 § 3, 2007).

14.105.020 Procedure.

A. Site plan approvals shall be optional. If the applicant chooses not to pursue site plan approval, the same checks shall be performed either during the design review process or the building permit process if the project is exempt from design review.

B. The application form shall establish the submittal requirements.

C. The issuance criteria shall be conformance with the Bonney Lake Municipal Code and any other applicable law. (Ord. 1505 § 9, 2015; Ord. 1244 § 3, 2007).