Chapter 14.20


14.20.010    Directors’ duty.

14.20.020    Planning commission.

14.20.030    Design commission.

14.20.040    Hearing examiner.

14.20.050    City council.

14.20.010 Directors’ duty.

A. Unless otherwise specified, the director, public works director, and building official shall be responsible for the administration and enforcement of BLMC Titles 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 as established by the mayor or designee.

B. The director shall be the designated permit coordinator for all permits subject to this development code and shall issue decisions for Type 1 and Type 2 permits.

C. The director, public works director, and building official may delegate administrative authority to their designees. (Ord. 1505 § 2, 2015).

14.20.020 Planning commission.

A. The planning commission shall review and make recommendations to the city council on the following applications and subjects:

1. Amendments to the comprehensive plan, subarea plans, and development regulations;

2. Special planning studies assigned to the planning commission;

3. Planning fees, policies, and procedures; and

4. Area-wide zoning changes, including zoning related to annexations.

B. The planning commission may propose to the city council that action be initiated on the matters set forth above.

C. In exercising the foregoing responsibilities, the planning commission shall consider as appropriate any associated environmental or other administrative determination. (Ord. 1505 § 2, 2015).

14.20.030 Design commission.

The design commission shall review all permits that are not exempt from design review and shall make a recommendation to the director on the proposal’s conformance with adopted applicable sub-area plans and any adopted applicable design guidelines. (Ord. 1505 § 2, 2015).

14.20.040 Hearing examiner.

A. The examiner shall review, hear and make final decisions and/or issue orders:

1. All Type 3 permits;

2. Appeals of interpretations and decisions of the director; and

3. Other quasi-judicial matters as may be assigned or delegated to the examiner by the city council or the municipal code.

B. The hearing examiner shall receive and examine available information, schedule and conduct hearings and related matters, and issue recommendations and decisions on the foregoing in accordance with the development code and Chapter 2.18 BLMC.

C. As to any matter before hearing examiner, the examiner may grant, deny, modify, and/or grant with conditions, modifications, and/or restrictions, all as the examiner finds necessary to render the application, permit, appeal, or action consistent with the evidence and compatible with the Bonney Lake Municipal Code and Bonney Lake comprehensive plan; and other applicable regulations, laws, policies, goals and objectives of the city; and applicable state laws and regulations.

D. The examiner shall have no role in legislative actions, including comprehensive plan amendments, municipal code amendments, and associated SEPA determinations, unless specifically delegated such authority by the city council. (Ord. 1505 § 2, 2015).

14.20.050 City council.

A. The city council shall review and act on the following matters:

1. All legislative actions relating to the city’s comprehensive plan, subarea plans, zone districts and zoning, development regulations, policies, ordinance, and regulations;

2. Development agreements under Chapter 36.70B RCW;

3. Final plats; and

4. Zoning reclassifications.

B. In exercising the foregoing responsibilities, the city council shall consider as appropriate any associated environmental or other administrative determinations. (Ord. 1505 § 2, 2015).