Chapter 16.46


16.46.010    Purpose.

16.46.020    Designation criteria.

16.46.030    Development standards.

16.46.010 Purpose.

The purpose of the natural SED is to protect areas that are ecologically characterized by undeveloped, natural conditions, and to restore those shoreline areas that are minimally degraded shoreline areas intolerant of human use. The natural shoreline environmental designation also protects shoreline areas possessing natural characteristics with scientific and educational interest. These systems require restrictions on the intensities and types of land uses permitted elsewhere in order to maintain the integrity of the ecological functions and ecosystem-wide processes of the shoreline environment. (Ord. 1633 § 23, 2020; Ord. 1491 § 11, 2014).

16.46.020 Designation criteria.

The natural SED shall be assigned to shoreline areas if any of the following characteristics apply:

A. The shoreline is undeveloped and ecologically intact and, therefore, currently performing an important, irreplaceable function or supporting an ecosystem-wide process that would be damaged by human activity;

B. The shoreline is considered to represent ecosystems and geologic types that are of particular scientific and educational interest; or

C. The shoreline area is unable to support new development or uses without significant adverse impacts to ecological functions or risk to human safety. (Ord. 1633 § 24, 2020; Ord. 1491 § 11, 2014).

16.46.030 Development standards.

A. All uses, developments, and shoreline modifications allowed in this designation pursuant to BLMC 16.50.020 shall comply with the standards established by Chapters 16.52 through 16.56 BLMC.

B. Maximum lot coverage by impervious surfaces: 15 percent.

C. Minimum Shoreline Setback: All structures and developments shall be set back a minimum of 200 feet from the OHWM, except as provided in BLMC 16.56.100(A)(8) and (9). (Ord. 1491 § 11, 2014).