Chapter 18.12


18.12.010    Official zoning map.

18.12.010 Official zoning map.

The map filed in the city clerk’s office and marked Attachment C to Ordinance No. 1597 and adopted May 8, 2018, constitutes the official zoning map for the city. The map referenced herein supersedes all previously adopted maps. If the zoning classifications of the map are found to be in conflict with other zoning classifications or land use designations, the map is deemed to control. Zoning reclassifications or other special zoning designations shall be clearly outlined on the map along with the associated ordinance number. (Ord. 1597 § 2, 2018; Ord. 1578 § 2, 2017; Ord. 1497 § 4, 2014; Ord. 1456 § 1, 2013).