Chapter 18.19


18.19.010    General intent.

18.19.020    Allowed uses.

18.19.030     Setback and bulk regulations.

18.19.040    Fire safety requirements.

18.19.010 General intent.

The R-3 high density residential overlay may be available for application to properties zoned R-3 and located south of SR 410, northeast of South Prairie Road and west of 214th Avenue East, and is intended to provide limited variations from the existing R-3 zoning code, to allow for a mix of attached and detached residences, duplexes, townhomes, condominiums, or apartments, or a combination thereof, to accommodate appropriate urban densities, and to encourage clustered development in an area of the city that is particularly suitable for innovative residential development techniques. Unless otherwise provided in this chapter, all regulations governing the R-3 zone shall apply. (Ord. 1343 § 1, 2010; Ord. 1342 § 1, 2010).

18.19.020 Allowed uses.

All uses shall be the same as those permitted in the R-3 zone, except that single-family detached residences shall also be permitted. If an applicant desires to construct single-family detached dwellings, the applicant must undergo the design review process set forth in Chapter 14.95 BLMC. (Ord. 1342 § 1, 2010).

18.19.030 Setback and bulk regulations.

The following bulk regulations shall apply subject to the provisions for yard projections included in BLMC 18.22.080:

A. Minimum lot area shall be determined by yard setbacks, parking, landscaping and open space requirements.

B. Density shall be a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 units per net acre for residential uses, exclusive of public rights-of-way. “Net acre” is defined in BLMC 18.04.140.

C. Minimum lot width: 30 feet for detached single-family uses, and 20 feet for all other uses.

D. Minimum front setback: 10 feet from the right-of-way without a garage, and 15 feet with a garage.

E. Minimum side yard setback: five feet. Exception: Attached dwellings may have zero side yard.

F. Minimum rear setback is 15 feet; provided, that a separated garage may be built within 10 feet of the rear property line.

G. Minimum setback to a single-family residential zone: 20 feet. Exception: Buildings taller than 35 feet shall increase the setback by one foot from any single-family residential zone for every one foot of building height increase over 35 feet. For example, a proposed building of 50 feet shall be set back at least 35 feet from any single-family zone (20 feet plus 15 extra feet for the height increase over 35 feet).

H. Maximum height: 35 feet; provided, that the director(s), with the concurrence of the fire chief of Pierce County Fire Protection District No. 22, may approve buildings up to four stories tall if adequate provision is made for fire protection.

I. Maximum impervious surface: 80 percent. (Ord. 1342 § 1, 2010).

18.19.040 Fire safety requirements.

All residences shall be protected by an approved automatic fire sprinkler system or other fire safety measures as deemed necessary by the fire marshal and consistent with fire codes in effect at the time of building permit application. (Ord. 1342 § 1, 2010).