Chapter 18.29


18.29.010    General intent.

18.29.020    Repealed.

18.29.030    Repealed.

18.29.040    Conditional uses.

18.29.050    Setback and bulk regulations.

18.29.060    Off-street parking and loading requirements.

18.29.010 General intent.

The intent of this zone is to provide appropriately located areas for uses which shall be located along major thoroughfares (SR 410) and dominated by auto-oriented uses. The Eastown district is intended to provide appropriately located areas for various land intensive and/or limited service commercial establishments, office uses, major retail stores and service establishments offering commodities and services required by residents of the city and its surrounding market area, wholesale distribution facilities, research and light industrial enterprises which are complementary to neighboring commercial and residential districts. Typical uses in this classification are the combination of major retail establishments and storage, distribution and assembly of products from previously prepared materials, including business and light industrial parks which do not generate excessive noise, odors, dust, smoke, heavy traffic congestion or pollution of water or air. (Ord. 1416 § 9 (Appx. A), 2011; Ord. 748 § 1, 1998).

18.29.020 Uses permitted outright.

Repealed by Ord. 1416. (Ord. 1230 § 8, 2007; Ord. 1099 § 26, 2005; Ord. 908 § 1, 2002; Ord. 788 § 1, 1998; Ord. 748 § 1, 1998).

18.29.030 Accessory commercial use.

Repealed by Ord. 1416. (Ord. 748 § 1, 1998).

18.29.040 Conditional uses.

The following uses may be permitted upon the issuance of a conditional use permit by the city:

A. Buildings taller than 50 feet, provided:

1. Adequate provision is made for firefighting and emergency rescue;

2. The use or building will not cast a shadow on residential properties;

3. The use or building is designed with visual relief or landscaping to make it compatible with the surrounding land uses, topography and landscape;

B. Junk, salvage or wrecking yard; provided a solid fence and/or solid screening hedge at least eight feet high is built and maintained to screen from view the open storage use;

C. Trailer-mix concrete plant; provided a solid fence and/or solid screening hedge at least eight feet high is built and maintained to screen from view the concrete plant and storage yard;

D. Gravel pits; provided a solid fence and/or solid screening hedge at least eight feet high is built and maintained to screen from view the gravel pit;

E. Assembly or processing of previously prepared materials in a fully enclosed building, provided:

1. No explosives, ammunition, blasting agents or fireworks are stored or manufactured in this district;

2. Cellulose nitrate products and cellulose nitrate plastics may be stored in accordance with the fire prevention ordinance, but shall not be manufactured in this district;

3. Any material having a closed cup flash point below 105 degrees Fahrenheit is prohibited from this district;

4. The requirements of Chapter 18.31 BLMC are met; and

F. Storage or processing of any hazardous waste as defined in Chapter 70.105 RCW is not permitted as a principal use. (Ord. 1428 § 1, 2012).

18.29.050 Setback and bulk regulations.

The following bulk regulations apply to uses in this district:

A. Minimum Front Setback.

1. Service station pump islands: 15 feet from street property line;

2. Setbacks on State Highway 410: 55 feet from the right-of-way line;

3. From any other street or accessway: 20 feet from street right-of-way where existing right- of-way is adequate; additional setback may be required by the public works director where existing right-of-way is inadequate.

B. There shall be no minimum side or rear setback requirements except as entailed by the landscape requirements of Chapter 16.68 BLMC or building code requirements.

C. Maximum height of buildings, 35 feet. Structures which are 35 to 50 feet may be approved by the director of planning and community development, with the concurrence of the fire marshal of Pierce County Fire Protection District No. 22 regarding provisions for fire protection and emergency rescue.

D. Any use within this zone classification shall provide a minimum of 10 percent of the site as landscaping and developed public open space, excluding parking and driving surfaces.

E. Maximum residential density: same as the R-3 zone. (Ord. 1634 § 3, 2020; Ord. 1230 §§ 2, 18, 2007; Ord. 1099 § 27, 2005; Ord. 851 § 36, 2000; Ord. 748 § 1, 1998).

18.29.060 Off-street parking and loading requirements.

For off-street parking and loading requirements, see Commercial Development Standards, Chapter 18.31 BLMC. (Ord. 748 § 1, 1998).