Chapter 1.08


1.08.010    Noncharter code city status adopted.

1.08.020    Councilmen – Terms and elections.

1.08.030    Recordation.

*    For statutory provisions authorizing adoption of noncharter code city classification, see Chapter 35A.02 RCW; on powers, rights, and privileges of code cities, see Chapter 35A.11 RCW and RCW 35A.21.160; for statutory provisions on the council-manager form of government, see Chapter 35A.13 RCW.

1.08.010 Noncharter code city status adopted.

The city adopts a classification of a noncharter code city, to be governed by the provisions of Chapter 35A.13 RCW under the council-manager plan of government, and endowed with all of the applicable rights, powers, privileges, duties and obligations of a noncharter code city as established by law. (Ord. 832 § 1, 1977; Ord. 610 § 1, 1971).

1.08.020 Councilmen – Terms and elections.

City councilmen shall continue to hold office for the balance of the terms for which they were elected. Upon expiration of these terms, their successors are to be elected and qualified at the next biennial municipal election to be conducted as provided in Chapter 35A.29 RCW. Offices of councilmen for position numbers 4, 5, 6 and 7 will be filled at the 1971 general municipal election for a four-year term of office. City councilmen position numbers 1, 2 and 3 shall be filled at the 1973 general municipal election for a four-year term of office. (Ord. 610 § 2, 1971).

1.08.030 Recordation.

The city clerk is directed to forward to the Secretary of the State of Washington a certified copy of the ordinance codified in this chapter as provided in RCW 35A.02.040. (Ord. 610 § 3, 1971).